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Flemminr August 21, 2011 03:12 PM

FSP Aurum Gold
Hi guys

I've got a quick question and hopefully simple question. I'm looking to get a 80 Plus Gold PSU in the near future and was thinking about going with the Corsair AX650 once NCIX or Direct Canada got it in stock, but it's probably gonna be about $150. I like the fact that the cables are all black and that it's modular, but it's a bit more then I would like to spend. Anyhow I was looking around and I came across the FSP Aurim Gold 600W on Direct Canada and it's only $92 which I really like! It's not modular like the AX650, but I could make do, and I was thinking that with the cash I save that I could just pick up a few sleeved cables from Dazmode. Anyhow, I've heard of FSP before, but, like, I've just heard of them. Never heard anything good or bad about them. Do they have a good reputation with power supplies like Corsair, and Seasonic do for example, or should I stay away from them?

_dangtx_ August 21, 2011 03:26 PM

good unit,some say :)

FSP Aurum Gold 700 Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets

SKYMTL August 21, 2011 03:26 PM

I'd spend the extra money on the Corsair. Better warranty, better customer support, etc.

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