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bf1 September 26, 2010 04:27 PM

Which 750w PSU should i get!
I am not sure which power supply to get...so far ive been deciding between http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=48568 , but i have heard XFX makes bad PSU's.. which i dont fully believe, secondly, http://ncix.com/products/?sku=26415&...r&promoid=1030 , i have been leaning towards the XFX , because its modular, sngle rail, but hey what do i know XD and im just waiting for dangtx to give me an answer ;D

KaptCrunch September 26, 2010 08:06 PM

psu's are like moniters, 1 time buy best go with 1K range for better compliance and room to upgrade in future for $50 more

bf1 September 26, 2010 08:20 PM

Im keeping it withing my budget, but ty ...im looking for advice for which to choose...i fail to see how they are one time buys like monitors rofl

Jake_HT September 26, 2010 08:24 PM

The XFX and Corsair power supplies both use Seasonic internals. Therefore they're both quality PSU's..

One's I'd reccomend are:

Corsair TX750
Corsair HX 750 (modular)
Pc Power & Cooling Silencer 750W (or Mkii)
XFX 750W (modular)
Seasonic X750 (modular)
Seasonic M12D 750 (modular)
Silverstone Strider Plus 750W (modular)

You don't necessarily need single rail, although it is a personal preference of many.. myself included.

Get whatever's on sale from the list above, you'll have a great PSU..

And, are you sure you need 750W? Post your system specs, marketing claims have people thinking they require more power than they actually do... most dual video card setups can be run just fine off a quality 650W PSU, and any single card setup definitely can.

_dangtx_ September 26, 2010 08:29 PM

the xfx doesnt have top end protection, from what i remember on a few discussions for it here.

id go with the m12d,ive used several. either or of the above will pretty much do

no love for enermax units? besides sky high prices, they are top dogs as well

bf1 September 26, 2010 08:30 PM

i5 760, gtx 460 x2 , 4gb gskill , 500gb hdd, hyper 212 etc..ty for the input ;D

Jake_HT September 26, 2010 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by bf1 (Post 433020)
i5 760, gtx 460 x2 , 4gb gskill , 500gb hdd, hyper 212 etc..ty for the input ;D

i5 760 = 95W max
GTX 460 = 160W x2 = 320W max
HDD ~ 15W at max spin
P55 chipset = 4.7W
Bunch of case fans = 20W

So you're at not even 500 watts..

Just sayin :thumb:

bf1 September 26, 2010 08:41 PM

so a 650 would probly do it no?

_dangtx_ September 26, 2010 09:14 PM

in normal gaming a 460 non overclocked will do around 110, 155-160 furmarked.

now if you want to oc the heck and back you better have some headroom.

GT7R September 26, 2010 11:16 PM

The Seasonic 750X get my very warm vote!

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