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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Check this out...Hardwaresecrets (Gabe) mentions this in his review...

When linking to that PS223 gizmo chip's PDF... there some "apparence" of OCP???


Any good? I have no clue, as it's really deep into electronics...
It can provide OCP but that feature is not used.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Gabe also loaded the XFX 850 up to 996Watts and stated:
He had a different sample and tests at a different input voltage. Gabe stopped when the PSU's output went out of spec, but if he had continued to increase the load, it probably would have also caused a catastrophic failure.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
I know you participated into these discussions on Xtremesystems on this testing also.
No, I did not. I don't post on XS.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
If there is no OCP, technically, there is a chance that is the PSU blows, it takes everything with it right?
No, that's not what it means. OCP does not affect what happens when the PSU fails. It only helps prevent it from failing by shutting it down in case it is in danger of that happening. What determines whether or not your components will be damaged is what part of the PSU actually fails, and that in turn depends partially on the cause of the failure.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Now, how come neither HWC nor Jonnyguru pointed out that the darn PSU had no OCP ? Jeez, Jonnyguru gave it a 9.5/10 (well Oklahomawolf) almost kneeled down in front of the PSU to hail at it, sacrificing a goat to the XFX 850 god...(kk figure of speech).
They do not perform overload tests. If you look at the XFX unit as a PSU intended to never be loaded past its rated output power, then it is a very good unit.
Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
wait hold on a sec..a reputable psu without rubber? i mean protection???
Almost all high-end single-rail PSUs do not have OCP.
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