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chrisk March 13, 2009 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by encorp (Post 163066)
Ahaha or do what my buddy did; at Xmas he bought a bunch of computer stuff for himself and wrapped it and put it under the tree and in his stocking with name tags saying it was from ME!. Then on Xmas morning he opened it and acted all surprised! When his wife called and asked why I bought him more computer crap I had to act swift and be like "ooh it was old stuff I had and uhh, didn't want it so I packed it up and told him to put it under the tree". Haha worked like a charm! She still thinks I gave it to him years later; and we're concidering doing it again this next xmas! LOL

You know, every time you are with the two of them you should remind your buddy of your generosity...especially if they are reluctant to do something you are gung-ho for!

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