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Old September 22, 2008, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
In fairness, I don't think it's directed at enthusiasts buying habits. It's directed more towards their suggestions when other folks (who will never open their case let alone overclock the cpu or gpu) are looking for advice.

Unfortunately it muddies the water a bit for those folks by not focusing on quality vrs high amperage claims. It's much more important that the great unwashed understand that a $50 700W PSU isn't going to cut the mustard than it is for them to understand that they can probably get by with properly rated 500W PSU.
Indeed...Thats what the article should have been about it's such a common thing in the Electronics world to cloud the water with a bunch of cheap crap that has big technical numbers on it. It brings me back....it's like Stereos and home theaters that Claim 1000watts of power but only costs $200 if you took the time to look at a decent 500watt system you would find strangely it was louder and the sound didn't get all distorted even at max volume. Or similarly with the SONY XPLODE car speakers and the ridiculous claims they put on there box...or Digital Camera's or well $@*& it all the same. However the one thing that I find confusing is that how many folks (who will never open their case let alone overclock the cpu or gpu) are looking for advice. will read ANANDTECH ??.....

Anyway...bluh damn this PSU talk angers up the blood doesnt it.

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Old September 22, 2008, 02:48 PM
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Definitely not intended for overclockers. Because these days, a little cash will easily build you a rig pulling over 600W, which is where their high-end graphs stop.

I would really love to know how they come up with their power consumption figures. Measuring from the wall is easy enough, but the article seems to suggest that they're measuring the actual system power draw. And short of splicing meters into every single wire leaving the PSU... I dunno. In the comments section, someone asks for the testing methods, but no reply is given.

Sigh. Sometimes I start getting nostalgic about the Anand's "Good old days", and wonder if they're in danger of going the way of THG. I still love their in-depth motherboard reviews, but I've quit reading a lot of their other reviews now.
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Personally, i would go to a real 'pro' before listening to a computer store worker. Like maybe a electrical engineering student from a well respected college?
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