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fortkentdad November 9, 2012 12:49 AM

Recommended Driving Controls
I took back the Thrustmaster Universal Challenge Wheel today - got a full refund at London Drugs, "satisfaction guaranteed" at least for 15 days or your money refunded. I was not satisfied - I got a refund, and an apology for a defective product.

My Need For Speed - Shift 2 game did not recognize that controller at all so I had to use the custom set up. Even then I could not get the foot pedals to work for throttle & brake. (Windows 8 did pick them up & I could calibrate them, so they were installed). I used the up & down shifter paddles as throttle & brake - apparently that was a bad idea as the 'gas' paddle broke off after about an hour or so of play. This 'hi-tech grandpa' does take care of my toys and I was not being rough with it. It was just too flimsy IMHO. Two thumbs down.

I tried driving my car in NFS Shift2 using my T-Flight joystick & throttle - the throttle worked fine for gas and brake, but steering with the joystick was no where near as easy as the wheel. I crashed a lot. I fiddled repeatedly with the settings and while I could customize the settings I never got it to the point where it was fun to use. It was easier to use the keyboard arrow keys to control the car than the joystick. Maybe I'm just not good with a joystick?

I also have Dirt3 and Showdown but those games will have to wait until I unravel the mysteries of a dual boot system and enable Windows 7 on this new rig as neither of these games are Windows 8 compatible (got that reply from my email to Codemasters tech support). IL*2 Cliffs of Dover also will not fly - all three games have one thing in common - this silly Steam thing.

Anyway I'm starting to look into other game controllers which will let me race my virtual cars.

What controls do you use to control cars in driving games?

Do I want something like this?


OR this?


Or this?


I suspect there is not much quality difference between this one and the one I return as it is only $49 ($10 more than the model I returned). I fear that to get a good wheel I'm going to have to spend a few more dollars than that for something like:


SugarJ November 9, 2012 11:10 AM

On a <$60 budget, go with a 360/PS3 style game pad. You'll find it useful for other games. I use a Razer Onza.

More that $60, I'd probably try a Logitech Driving Force GT, which appears to be a rebranded Momo. (What I use currently for driving games only).

More than $200, Logitech G-27.

MacJunky November 10, 2012 01:06 AM

I would not suggest getting something without a clutch pedal and H-pattern shifter, but that is personal preference for a manual transmission and certain cars. Many people prefer auto or paddles or etc.

In my case I wanted PC and xbox compatibility so I got the Fanatec CSR Value Pack XL (with the CSR Elite pedals)

The elite pedals with their load-cell brake are totally worth the bump in price from the normal non-XL value pack. The CSR wheel and CSR H-pattern shifter seem fine, though I have personal preferences wrt the appearance that these do not match.(basically I want it to be more like an old muscle car instead of modern something-rather, but I think most other people like a modern look)

Yes, it is over $300(and is not even one of Fanatec's expensive wheels) but I would say it is worth the cost and I do not regret the purchase. However racing is also important to me so I can justify it. Not everyone is interested enough or has enough time.

Someone in the IRC channel was looking at the Thrustmaster T500 RS & shifter, but idk how much that costs. IIRC Arinoth has a T500, though I could be mistaken.

When you do get a wheel, whatever you choose, shameless plug for GT Legends.(if you like old cars) It is available online as a digital download with no DRM from RaceRoom. Run it in pro mode and you have one awesome bag of fun. All the cars are different in their ways unlike some other racing titles and there is sure a wide range of them. :D
Get a good group of guys online and the fun never stops. :thumb:

But really if the CSR or better is too expensive then I would say to look at G25/G27. Perhaps even those, but alongside Fanatec's CSR Elite pedals! So much nicer than logi's pedals. :)

fortkentdad November 13, 2012 12:25 AM

Went cheap and bought a $29 Logitech game controller (model F310) - seems to work OK will do for now. Will take a little getting used to but it will do the trick.

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