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Belarthegod August 22, 2012 02:02 AM

Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard
So I'm looking for a new mechanical keyboard for my new computer build, and to go with my theme, I really need a keyboard that has either white led backlighting or no backlighting at all. It has to have a long backspace key, otherwise the steelseries 7g would be perfect for its long wristrest, and media shortcuts would be a huge bonus.

Basically what I'm looking for in a keyboard:
- Black Switches
- Either white led backlights or no lighting at all
- Standard key lengths (backspace, enter, shifts, etc...)
- Some sort of wrist rest similar to that of the 7g or the mionix zibal 60
- Media short cuts through a function button or otherwise are a huge bonus

I'm having a lot of trouble finding a keyboard that has all of these features, if anyone is able to help me out in finding the right mechanical keyboard for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

If all else fails I might just buy the zibal 60 and never ever turn on the backlight, lol.

rfglass August 22, 2012 01:51 PM

something like this? SAITEK Eclipse Llitetouch™ Keyboard w/ White LED Scissor Keys, Palm Rest, Black, USB : AVADirect Custom Computer Component

or look here

Belarthegod August 22, 2012 02:26 PM

@ rfglass - thanks for the suggestions but I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard.

I think I may have found the solution, I found a Ducky keyboard with white led backlighting that always a proper key layout as well as cherry mx blacks, but the only thing it is missing is a wrist-rest. If anyone can suggest a suitable black wrist-rest to go with this keyboard, Ducky DK9008S White LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black Cherry MX), that should be all I need to have the perfect keyboard setup.

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