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Kilauea February 1, 2012 09:38 PM

Half OT advice
It seems I have won a CM Sirus 5.1 Headset and I obviously have not received it yet. I currently use a mix of speakers and Steelseries 4H headset and I like it quite a bit. The sound is fine for me (I use onboard sound). I like the fact the mic is retractable and it seems the sound quality is rather good.

Should I just plain sell the set I won or try it and then sell it as LNIB if I do not like it ?

Also, while we are in peripherals... I am awaiting for my Logitech Illuminated to come back from RMA (should be quite soon)... but while it was away I have been looking at the idea of a mechanical keyboard (I have never used one before). I know I love to have a backlit keyboard, I do not want macro keys on the right side of the keyboard. I am not sure about the kind of switches I would find comfortable, but I have been looking at the Mionix Zibal 60, but I wondering about the cherry MX black. What do you think ?
My guess is that if I sell the headset, I will most likely get the keyboard.

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