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pitwa August 10, 2007 09:41 AM

My 5G iPod is not recognized by my PC
My 5G iPod is not recognized by my iTunes. I tried resetting. No luck
Connected to another PC. No luck.
What do I do?
EDIT: I am sorry for posting this here, but could not see mp3/ipod section here at hardwarecanux

krispy August 22, 2007 01:29 PM

try this..
This worked for me, not sure if it applies to you, as you have tried this on a couple diff. machines...

I tried this and it updated successfully the new ipod
s/w 1.2 in my ipod 30gb [late 2005 stock].

1. Make sure that you have these services running
[control-panel->Admin. Tools ->services]

- Network DDE DSDM
-Network DDE
-Routing and Remote Access
-Terminal Services

2. stop the iPodService [same location as (1)]
3. Connect your Ipod 5th gen
4. Start iTunes7.0 [automatically starts
5. Update the new s/w in iPod.
this should not take more than 3 mins. after that, it
will restart ur ipod. ur ipod s/w is updated as seen
in itunes7.0.

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