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Old March 18, 2009, 05:42 PM
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For my personal use, I like that the numerical keyboard is removable which makes the keyboard compact.

As I learn to use it, I've learned to program some function keys to make up for the right "alt" key. For example, I use the French layout and need to press right "alt"+2 to get the "@". Instead, I've programmed that keystroke to S6, which is easily accessible. I've also found out that pressing ctrl+left_alt is equivalent to the right_alt key. It does not deter the use of the mighty ctrl+alt+delete.

There is a button that gives direct access to the software control panel of the keyboard under Windows XP. It has another function under Vista, which I forget what it was. I was happy to see that I can also access Logitech's SetPoint software from that panel to adjust my mouse. Microsoft does not hate Logitech that badly after all...

It's a nice sturdy design as well. The plastic is good quality. I like black, and the thing's all black. The red backlit keys gives it that "bloody killer" look that you want to associate with as you frag away. I like it so much I always have the lights on. The design is also reminiscent of the F-117 stealth aircraft, the Lambo Reventon, and as well as a plethora of computer cases.

It takes getting used to, no matter what keyboard you use. This one more than others for certain. But the essential keys I wanted are there (play/pause, fwd, rwd,mute...), the volume knob, and I'm satisfied I can assign programs to launch with the S1-12 programmable keys. I had feared only to be able to create keystrokes or macros.

It's been reviewed in some detail on other sites I've read, and I thought I'd share what other details I had found about it that were not mentionned.
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Old March 18, 2009, 07:28 PM
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I dunno, everyone that talks about it says they like it after they get use to it, and that, IMHO, defeats the purpose. I shouldn't have to "relearn" how to use a keyboard, it's like a mouse, I shouldn't need to relearn how to use one, I should be able to hold it and say to myself "this feels right". I don't know, it's not that I'm against new things, it's that it shouldn't be cumbersome to do so, and that's what this keyboard is starting to sound like from different people I talk too.
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Old March 18, 2009, 07:51 PM
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LOL the learning curve isnt nearly that bad, all the keys are in the same place pretty much, you may need to get the feel for the escape key as its a little further to the left then normal, other then that its pretty much the same lay out. Everyone talks about the longer space bar and the right alt key... I dont think ive ever used the right alt key, ever. If your gaming on this keyboard that will make very little if any difference as long as you normally use the WADS setup. Trust me if you can use this board and then the G15 rev 2, youd feel the quality difference between the 2, its big. Honestly might have taken me maybe an hour to get used to it, but I doubt even that long. its a keyboard, there are keys that are lit up so you can see them better, its not that hard to hit the right ones :p
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