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Bond007 May 1, 2014 06:02 PM

OC and undervolt my 3570k
Well I finally put a little time into my 3570k that I got in the fall. I decided I don't want to push anything crazy as its already perfect for my needs, but I would try and get better efficiency out of it while pushing a small amount extra. Full specs in my sig. Load temp/watts/volts in prime95.

Stock everything Auto: 1.032v idle, 1.128v under load (3.4 ghz)...forgot to take a power reading

4ghz everything auto: 1.044v idle, 1.260v load 170watts from the wall (highest core temp 66 deg C)

with tweaks so far @ 4ghz: 0.900v idle, 1.092v load using 139w (highest core temp 54 deg C)

Basically I haven't blue screened/froze up yet and am prime95 testing as I type. There is WAY more in it if I wanted a higher OC.

Settings I have changed (worked to get to this in steps):
- PLL voltage dropped from 1.8 to 1.7
- Load line calibration on standard (its one of the lowest amounts...had higher initially, but wanted load volts lower without dropping idle too much...so I am basically using vdroop to my benefit)
- Dynamic vcore (offset) -0.145v
- turbo boost off, but all energy saving left auto to allow voltage and freq to change with load

How am I doing?
Anyone see any areas for improvement, or for me to try?

UPDATE: See post #13 for my conclusion to this small tweaking adventure.

Bond007 May 2, 2014 03:30 PM


ZZLEE May 2, 2014 04:11 PM

try 42 or 43 same settings.

Bond007 May 2, 2014 04:37 PM

Could give it a shot. Does voltage ramp up with increased clock speed automatically ?

ZZLEE May 2, 2014 04:56 PM

try manual voltage.

I can do 4.7 Auto and 4.4 Manual on my 3770 K but neither will prime worth :censored:

when I get more time I will play some more.

spikes in CPU voltage once 90 % memory use occurs is main culprit.

Bond007 May 2, 2014 06:30 PM

The main thing is I am not after a max OC. Just a bit extra from stock with lower power consumption, but if I can do better I will...don't want to ramp voltages/temps up. That said when I get some more time I will play and see if I can get a higher OC without much increase in voltage. I don't really want to do manual voltage, since then it won't reduce under no load. For that reason I am trying to work with offset. I really wish you could do offset and have a maximum set as well.

Anyone know the min voltage they have been able to keep an ivy bridge stable at for no load? I am at 0.9 right now.

Also, is there any benefit to me turning boost back on? I turned it off so it can always go to 4ghz if it needs to regardless of the number of cores. Still downclocks fine with the other energy saving options left on.

Bond007 May 3, 2014 08:11 PM

Lowered offset even more to -0.155. Stable at 4.0, quick 10 min check stable at 4.1, but took 4 tries to get into bios with those settings and 4.2.

I will stability check it more another day, but for now I am running settings previously mentioned, but at the -.155 and 4.1 ghz.

Gives me 0.888v at idle, 1.092volt under load at 4.1ghz, using 139watts, peak core temp in the 10 min prime95 run was 53 deg C.

Bond007 May 6, 2014 10:07 AM

Update: It seems that what I had set in the post above is about as fast as I am going to get with that low of an offset voltage (-0.155v) Any attempts to go to 4.2/4.3 require a bit of extra voltage. Haven't fine tuned, but 4.2 seems to need a bit over 1.1v to be stable.

Given my wants with this OC/undervolt I will either stay with this setup (0.888v idle to 1.092 under load at 4.1ghz) or fine tune a bit more at 4.2.

I will be keeping all power saving on for day to day use, but I may mess around with fixed voltages to find out how high I can OC (or atleast run stable) on a fixed voltage at a nice low 0.9-0.95v. If I am going fixed voltage I don't want to be over that.

Bond007 May 6, 2014 10:14 AM

Anyone ever tried a fixed voltage of 1.0v or less to see what they can run the cpu speed at on ivy bridge?

Bond007 May 7, 2014 06:30 PM

Doesn't seem to be much interest in this, but I will post my results so far anyway.

I had a few minutes to play with lower fixed voltages and its definitely a good option for someone focused on power consumption. 0.95v got me 3.8ghz, but had some errors in prime. Probably 0.96 volts to get fully stable. At that speed and voltage max power consumption for my system in prime was 118watts from the wall (about 20w less than at 4.1ghz). Probably looking at another couple watts with slightly higher voltage to stabilize it, but it would be atleast a 15watt savings and that's below my current running efficient 4.1ghz setup.

3.6ghz was rock solid at 0.94v pulling 110watts, but I realistically didn't want to maintain that low of an OC, so I didn't tweak voltage lower (could probably get it stable lower)

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