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ravenger March 27, 2013 09:59 PM

help oc'ing gtx 670
Im trying to squeeze a little more out of my msi gtx 670 pe and I seem to have maxed out at p10230 on 3Dmark11. I try going above +105mhz on the core clock and it drops to p9500. I give it +50 on the core voltage is that enough? Ill list the settings and see if you can tell me whats going on.

+50 core voltage
109% power limit
+135 core clock
+555 memory clock

the settings i use to get p10230 are:
+25 core voltage
105% power limit
+105 core clock
+507 memory clock

I use msi afterburner

My overclock is fine for me but I want to see how fast I can get this card.

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