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frosty March 2, 2013 01:39 PM

i2600k no sign of overclock, bothersome :(
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I am currently trying to over clock my i2600k cpu. Turning off all known functions such as VDroop, EIST, C1E Support , CPU C3 Report, while leaving TURBO MODE enabled along with Internal PLL Voltage Override also enabled, theres no sign of a overclock when in windows (windows 7 x64) I'm really just looking for something to regester here, im not looking to shoot for the stars on an overclock. I basically followed this guide.. EVGA P67 Quick Overclocking Guide. CpuZ v1.63.0 x64 does not show any change after applying the overclock in the bios. Coretemp, realtemp all show the same info as CpuZ.. Although.... the bios does show the overclock on the general info tab in the bios. Why wont any program see the overclock? I also installed Evgas E-leet utility as a double check and still it shows only stock speeds. The top part of the overclock tab is greyed out showing empty boxes. Somethings wrong here but im not sure what. A bad CPU? Something bad on the motherboard?

Just thought maybe someone would be able to shed a little light on the subject or may have experiecced something similar. I have overclocked before and i have a "general" understanding of what to do and look for, but the Sandy bridge i2600k in new to me.

Motherboard is a brand new - Evga z68 SLI board (it was sent from evga on rma for my 680i that crapped out)
Memory is - G.Skill Ripjaws x F3 12800CL8- 8gigs ddr3 1600 cl8-8-8-24 (2 sticks of 4)

Power Supply - corsair ax850

I would be greatful for any suggestions.

Perineum March 2, 2013 07:29 PM

You're doing it quite wrong, at least from my experience.

I've never disabled any of those things you have done, in fact, I only wanted them on so that the CPU would step down from the overclock (4.5ghz) to something like 1.6ghz at idle.

Any OC I've ever done required Vdroop to be on unless the OC is within a few hundred mhz.

Furthermore, only check your overclock when you are actually loading the machine with something that will load down all the cores with work.

frosty March 2, 2013 08:17 PM

roger that.. Ill reset the BIOS and restart the process...

but in the end, wether the certain functions should be on or off, should still not effect any programs from showing the overclock.... i have searched the internet for alot of CPUz screen shots of people showing there overclock with the same chip I have and using CPuZ or coretemp or realtemp..... seems like there is something missing between the bios and windows in showing the correct over clock.

Coach March 2, 2013 08:54 PM

it is odd that if you had actually turned speed step (EIST) and C1E Support off that cpu z did not show your OC. Something tells me though that you did not turn speed step off and that is why you are not seeing the changes in cpuz.

Like Perineum I leave EIST and C1E on. Like he said, give your cpu load and then see what CPUZ says.

Perineum March 2, 2013 09:02 PM

Here, this should help, but the BIOS settings will be different.

I read that guide that you read and I don't like it. Asus probably have the easiest overclock in the biz right now and they leave all that stuff on.

Try this: *********.com/showthread.php?t=1578110

replace the ***'s with *********

Uhhmmm...... h a r d f o r u m . c o m

After you try that, come back with the result.

frosty March 3, 2013 07:54 AM

im sorry i cant seem to get the link to work correctly...

igot6strings March 3, 2013 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by frosty (Post 694027)
im sorry i cant seem to get the link to work correctly...

google "showthread.php?t=1578110"

itll be the first one that pops up.

frosty March 3, 2013 08:17 AM

roger that, thank you... i do see it now... appreciate the help....

here i go off reading....

edit:... im gonna need to print that bad boy out!!!!:thumb:

3.0charlie March 3, 2013 08:27 AM

Here's another one with actual screenshots of the evga bios: EVGA Overclocking Guide

I would do more research on the 'net, using 'evga z68 overclock guide' than using an Asus guide - different BIOS.

Perineum March 3, 2013 11:25 AM

I agree, everything is going to be worded different, but you have to admit, the Asus guys have that one click overclock.... they seem to really have the Sandy Bridge cpus figured out.

I've read the info in the one you just posted and it's the same thing, saying to disable speedstep, etc. why? Asus specifically says:


It possible to overclock while keeping speedstep enabled and use the offset voltage method for Vcore increase this will provide the overall best in temperature and heatsink performance as well as generally efficiency and extension of the lifespan of the motherboards its components and the CPU. This is due to the Turbo Multiplier working and exucting ramping as Intel intended.
Example leaving all CStates and Speedstep enabled will allow the CPU to idle down in Vcore and frequency ( 1600MHz ) and ramp up when under load to 4.8GHz when needed.
Should there be interest in consistently maintain a desired clock frequency users can disable Speedstep and still keep Intel Turbo multiplier overclocking enabled.
Please note that overall disabling or adjustments of Speedstep or CStates do not affect overclocking range ( this is different than previous generations when power saving states were advised to be disabled when exceeding 3.8 to 4.0GHz ).
I've always left all those enabled and makes for a fast OC when needed but idles nicely down at 1600mhz with a corresponding drop in heat and power usage.

I don't see why the EVGA board can't do the same thing?

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