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great_big_abyss January 28, 2013 08:28 AM

FX 8350/8320 Overclocking threads
To you 8350/20 owners out there,

What are your max 24/7 OC's? Temps? What are you using for cooling?

Plus, what did you set your multiplier, FSB and Vcore at? Let's get a little database going...

sa seba January 28, 2013 07:35 PM

I am running mine at 4.6GHz @1.4V completely stable and haven't really tried to go further. Would be nice to see other's experience with this chip.

great_big_abyss January 29, 2013 06:24 PM

Did you just up your multiplier?

sa seba January 30, 2013 12:52 AM

Yab, just the multi up, a bit more voltage (1.4) and llc on high.
I am running only one fan on my H80i right now because its nicely quiet and this likely lowers my oc potential.

Killswitch January 30, 2013 08:30 PM

sa seba, what are you using to monitor the cpu temp? I just installed core temp and it says 13*C, bios said around 30 so it's waaaaaaay off.

Edit: I'm using HWMonitor. CPU is topping out at 48*C running wPrime. Running 5GHz CPU @ 1.5V and 2.8GHz CPU-NB @ 1.425. It's 100% not stable yet but I'm working on it.

Double Edit: These FX CPUs suck hind titty at wPrime! My 1100T can beat this one by 20 seconds at it's max overclock.

sa seba January 31, 2013 02:49 AM

I am using corsair link's logging feature as well as HWMonitor. The higher temperature is the cpu die whereas the lower one is the core temp. The core temp is what most monitor software will use. Your 48* celsius sound quite nice at 5GHz load!

Killswitch January 31, 2013 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by sa seba (Post 687612)
The higher temperature is the cpu die whereas the lower one is the core temp.

I was watching both and it's interesting. While the core temp was far lower at idle, it was slightly higher under full load then the cpu die temp. I had to add a touch more voltage to the CPU-NB. Benching wPrime was fine, but Far Cry 3 locked up. I found that game to be a good stability test with the 1100T as well. It seems to stress the CPU-NB more compared to other games. I'll run something more telling like prime95 when I get a chance.

Side note: Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 now play smoother at higher settings then before. I was able to crank Far Cry 3 from very high to ultra (no AA) and it maintained 30+ fps and no more stuttering. Battlefield 3 was all ready on ultra but no AA. I was able bump that up to x2 and maintained ~50+ fps. Resolution is 5040x1650 (plus bezel compensation). More testing to come tonight after work. :thumb:

Edit: Far Cry 3 uses 4 cores. Battlefield 3 uses all 8.

Killswitch January 31, 2013 08:05 PM

Prime95 is proving it's power. I had to drop the speed back to 4.8GHz. Still at 1.5V. So far it's ran for at least 20 minutes and no cores have dropped out. CPU core reached 52*C.

Killswitch February 1, 2013 06:24 PM

Seems damn near impossible to get the CPU-NB over 2600MHz. Anyone ever get it further and stable?

freeloader1969 March 19, 2013 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Killswitch (Post 687938)
Seems damn near impossible to get the CPU-NB over 2600MHz. Anyone ever get it further and stable?

I haven't seen that many people reach 2600mhz stable on the NB, without having exotic cooling. You are most likely hitting a thermal wall.

Do you have a power usage meter? My system will pull over 400 watts from the wall with all eight cores loaded at 4.7Ghz (1.475 vcore) and my temperatures reach 65 deg. C. with a Corsair H100. I leave my system at 4.0Ghz on stock vid of 1.35 due to thermal issues. Apparently BD and PD run better when the NB is half the speed of your core speed anyhow.

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