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fortkentdad January 19, 2013 03:35 PM

Benchmarking in Win7 Vs Win8
I've noticed a big difference between the Novabench scores I get with Win7 vs Win8 on the same machine. Here is my Win7 score

I'll post a reply in a few minutes when I test my Win8 settings on this dual boot machine.

I'm using ASUS AI Suite to do most of my system adjustments. I've also set the BIOS to "extreme".

I'm relatively new to this benchmark game so be gentle

fortkentdad January 19, 2013 04:04 PM

Win8 Results
Rebooted and tried to set things close to the same.

Win8 shows all 32GB RAM.

And here's the result:


Huge difference - Win7 is almost 50% faster than Win8. What gives?

BlueByte January 19, 2013 04:13 PM

I have not used Nova Bench before. might want to try something like PCMARK7 or Vantage to confirm your issues. Vantage I know breaks down scoring for all your hardware so you might be able to pinpoint the why. I would assume it is a driver issue or something because I can tell you generally Windows 8 is snappier then Windows 7 as an OS. I have not been able to notice any difference in application speeds between the two OSes.

Could try Sandra 2013 as well, try a few suites and compare them between the OSes... could just be that one benchmarking tool.

fortkentdad January 19, 2013 07:13 PM

Win 8 Vs Win8 in PCMark7
Similar results.

Win 8 = 2372
Win 7 = 3987

Result {Hmmm do you need to log in to see the results???}

PCMark7 did give me a few more details (or at least made them stand out better through their comparison chart (see link above) I notice that the Graphics Card Core Clock scores 890 in the Win8 version and only 300 in the Win7 (even though I assume Win7's higher number is almost twice as good as Win8 version, even though the Graphic Card Core Clock is only 30% of the Win 8. Odd? Any thoughts on this difference?

The report did not capture the CPU Clock for the Win8 system (I believe it is either the same (44) or might be 45, will have to reboot, go to Win8 and double check what CPU-Z reports. I've been "tweeking" the CPU speed trying different things in the BIOS and through ASUS's AI Suite, and in Win8 through the Catalyst Vision Control Centre which has a CPU overdrive option, in Win7 that is a separate program called AMD OverDrive and not part of AMD's CCC. Scared myself when after making some adjustments in BIOS, I was not getting a reboot, it would start up and then shut down. Tried a few times and then it worked and I was able to undo the changes I'd made, ... I guess I should know what I'm doing in the BIOS before experimenting eh?

The chart in the report referenced above is a bit jumbled. Going back to the original reports I do find a problem. In my Win8 report the fist of the graphics test reports a FPS of just 2.08. That can't be right. It compares to 22.65 in Win7 and may be the reason for the big difference between the two tests. In the Direct X9 video comparisons it is closer, Win7 has the edge at 34.63 while Win8 has 31.52.

I'm downloading PCMark11 to see if that give similar results.

On with adventures in benchmarking (My wife thinks I'm crazy for spending all this time trying to measure the computer ~ does it work, well yes. ~ does it play your games well? Yes it does ~ So what's up with spending the better part of the day tinkering with the settings and testing and retesting the system??? She just does not get it. . . . I'm treating it like a puzzle or video game of its own, I just want to see what this baby will do. ...

Anyone with me on this? ? ?

fortkentdad January 19, 2013 07:22 PM

Apparently I'm in the top ten on Future Mark's PCMark7 test results for A10-5800K and HD6670's, for my Win7 score of 3987. My Win8 2392 on the other hand is the the third to last with the other two results at 508 & 492 so I suspect something was very wrong there.

Took me a while to find how to compare them but that's cool. Search

botat29 January 19, 2013 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by fortkentdad (Post 685334)

Win8 shows all 32GB RAM.

normal your 7 is home premium and your 8 is pro

enaberif January 19, 2013 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by botat29 (Post 685376)
normal your 7 is home premium and your 8 is pro

That won't make the slightest diff. HP is only going to see 16gb not the 32gb.

CTA January 19, 2013 09:07 PM

lol premium >> pro....

well this result is pretty interesting... but try to tweak win 8 and try again...

fortkentdad January 19, 2013 09:32 PM


Trying to run PCMark 11. System is still running but screens have been black for over half hour. Is this normal. Last time I went to task manager. PCMark 11 was running. But engaging task manager ended the test. This is in Win7.

fortkentdad January 20, 2013 12:56 AM

No Luck with PCMark
Could not get PCMark11 to work on either my Win8 or Win7 setup. PCMark7 still returns a video performance of about 2 fps - obvious error. I've tweaked the system to 4.5 GHZ. I set it to 4.4. in the BIOS and one more point in AI Suite, when I try 4.5 or more in BIOS the system is unstable and it takes a bit to even reboot back into BIOS settings (several restarts, it starts up then shuts off.

I did see on a video how to reconfigure my "reset" button to boot to BIOS which might be a handy trick. For fun I ran NovaBench after all my tweaking, the score was the worst I've ever got 665. But on the upside my Windows Index is now a nice even, lucky 7.0.

I also found a neat ASUS app that lets you select reboot to the Bios, so no waiting for that magical moment to press the delete key.

Beside Futuremarks' products what else gives a good Free benchmark?

I did try PCWizard but it always hangs in Win8 so that one is out. CPU-Z does work but it just reports on what is there (and it does not get my graphic right. I should try FRAPS again and just see what FPS I'm getting in real life games, not that I have any of the high end graphic games to use it on. Just flight simulators and racing games like Dirt3 and NFS.

Well it's pushing 1:00 a.m. best call it a day and play a different game tomorrow.

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