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IRQ Conflict January 1, 2013 02:03 AM

Fraps Bench Veiwer
I was poking around the net looking at benchmarks and stumbled across a neat little program called Fraps Bench Viewer. Essentially it takes the time in ms from Fraps and converts it to an easy to read graph form which you can add notes to.

Didn't know if anyone knew about this or not. I was excited by this. Check it out here.

And I'll use this as an opportunity to share a bench I just did with it and my Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz and GTX 295 rockin BF3 @ 1080p. In game settings all medium. Control panel defaults.

Edit: Right click and choose "View Image" for full size.

Edit"#2: According to this chart, of the five minutes I benched, roughly 75% of the frames were in the bad category. Regardless, I never "felt" it. Seemed as smooth as silk to me. I think what's most important in some games is the micro stuttering and disk swapping that can really have a negative impact on performance.

I can't wait for Haswell. My current CPU is fine for single player games but those 32-64 multiplayer maps just kill it in certain scenarios regardless of graphics settings. I wish there was a swap file for the CPU. :haha:


IRQ Conflict January 1, 2013 03:13 PM

Try this link? I am hosting from skydrive. Probably a bad I dea?

Also, apparently the driver I am using is 306.97 not 310.70 as I was lead to believe. Not sure what happened there but that driver gives me great performance so I'll leave it at that.

I did another two runs after I increased the CPU speed from stock to 3.2Ghz. One run was single player and one multiplayer. I'll post those results if I can get the image hosting thing sorted.

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