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great_big_abyss October 1, 2012 11:59 AM

Overclocking AMD APU - FM1
I hear that AMD's APU's won't overclock very well if you have AHCI enabled under the sata ports. Anyone know anything more about this?

I would like to overclock the 3670K i'm putting in my son's rig, but I'd also like to run an SSD, so having TRIM enabled under AHCI would be really nice!

Edit: After a little bit of research, it seems that if you push the BCLK over 110 and your SATA port is set to AHCI, it drops the attached drive.

Since I have a BE unit, I'll try leaving the bus where it is, and just increase the multiplier.

MARSTG October 1, 2012 04:33 PM

or just use a Crucial M4

Rasparthe October 1, 2012 04:58 PM

Yes, there are several oddities about overclocking the FM1 boards. They are great budget rigs but a couple of things to help avoid some frustration. As you said, AHCI mode is not good for overclocking the BCLK, it will 'lose' the drive after about 110-115 depending on the drive itself. Second, if you are using the onboard (APU) portion of the chip you cannot use the analog (D-sub) output or you won't get much higher than 125 (oddly, all the FM1 boards I've used don't allow you to use a Dsub>DVI adapater because of the pin arrangement). Lastly, and the oddest, if you want to get the maximum clock go as high as you can and then start raising the clock one at time. If the highest you can achieve is, for example, 150 you will find that 151 will fail, and 152, but 153 will work (just as example, each board is different in my experience). It seems to have dead holes in the reference clock that won't work but others that will and stable too, but I have found that to happen pretty high up the ladder, between 150 and 175.

Or you could just use the multiplier only :)

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