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PaperOrPlastic? August 27, 2012 05:28 AM

Some novice GPU OC questions.
Hey all, I recently replaced my two 6950's for an EVGA GTX 680 4gb edition.

Stock clocks are at a base of 1019, and a boost of 1110. I downloaded EVGA precision X and and have been slowly tweaking in intervals of +5mhz for a while now. Testing with the built in burn in test, and heaven bench to make sure its stable over longer periods of time.

I have gotten the boost clock up to 1290mhz stable. Sort of.. My official stable clock was 1250mhz. That was acheived and gamed on with a power target of 135%, plus 150mhz boost clock and +500mhz on the memory. All worked with that.

With the 1290mhz boost OC if I raise the memory the OC doesn't work and TDR kicks in, if I leave the memory at its base clock and power target at 125% it seems to be stable.

I guess my question and point is that I am not too experienced with overclocking in general and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong and that is why I cannot reach my desired clock of 1.3ghz, or if it simply this chip I have gotten is not capable for whatever manufacturing reason.

Under load the temperature gets up to 64 degrees, I set my own fan curve to keep the thermals lower and its working out great. A little noisy but I don't mind.

So anyone have any tips to get more out of this card, or have I hit its limit?

I believe my rig is in my sig for those who need to know.

EDIT: Ok so as of now the only stable OC I have achieved is 1250, and 500 plus memory at 130% power target.

KaptCrunch August 27, 2012 06:12 AM

next step is peltier cooling on gpu to silence the fan curves

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