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Shadowmeph August 26, 2012 08:03 PM

I find it strange how I cannot oc past 3.8ghz
I was bored today so I decided to see if I can break my 3.8ghz OC on my 1100 be sabertooth which I finally got to 4 ghz but not stable enough to run proime 95 for more then 2 mins lol. I have to admitt I am a total beginner to OCing but I dug around through the Net and seem one person that has the same setup on air though at 4.7 which I have never heard of before.
what is strange to me is that I had always though that a system OCed would crash because of heat but my system when I was at 4 ghz never went over 55C when I fired up prime 95 . I am wondering since it isn't heat what is it that cashes my system could it be just a finicky cpu

BigPhatPaulie August 26, 2012 08:15 PM

4.7 on air? That has to be a lie . Mind cant get past 4 for stability reasons but there is not an air tower out there that could cool this beast at that frequency. As for you it could just be the chip.... mine cant get past 4ghz no matter the voltage or buss speed.

Shadowmeph August 27, 2012 08:43 AM

thats what I am thinking also, hmm I am wondering when the new AMD chips are coming out will have to check those of for OCing potentual then upgrade lol

BigPhatPaulie August 27, 2012 11:06 AM

The piledriver chips?

Dragonstongue August 27, 2012 02:03 PM

There is a few buddies in my clan using the 1k series AMD chips, mostly the 1055/1075 1 or 2 that have the 1090 and 1100 they will on average do at least 4Ghz, but you do need a pretty decent cooler, and you very much need to set things just right, they are apprently much more finicky to voltages, speeds being at just the right number. My 955 can do about 4.3-4.4 on a 212+ cooler push/pull with a M5A99X EVO, and the sabertooth for the most part wa sknown to be able to get the 1090/1100 to roughly the same speeds on average from 4-4.4 though you cannot use cooler like I have you def need a top cooler i.e noctua D14, H80 and the like or temps are just to much and will not stabilize no matter what speed/voltage

Dont forget, if voltage is to much or not enough, if LLC, or cpu-vdda is not just right, it will not happen, something you have to fiddle around with lots, and a little bit of luck. But a 6 core at 4Ghz turbo disabled is still very fast, especially with the HT, and cpu-nb bumped up some, not to many things will make them seem slow lol.

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