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unnAMD July 11, 2012 11:56 PM

i'm planning to overclock my FX4100 + the HD6850DD
Well i had no idea what to put in the title... but .. well..

i would like to overclock my system to get a liiitle bit of "extra juice" from the cpu and the gpu..
i'm running my rig on a 970a platform and a sentey ERP600SS psu (idk if you hurd about this brand in the USA + Canada) and i have a couple of questions

1.- will the 970a platform be able to take a minor oc?
2.- what low budget psu would you recommend in case i have to change the unit... (i was thinking of getting myself a Sentey 80plus bronze,,,)

please note that this is actually the first time in my life that i plan such thing... so... try to be.. nice? haha

hoping to get some answers and some good advises :D

thanks for your time :D see ya ;D

Funguseater July 12, 2012 12:44 PM

Hi unnAMD

The 970 is a great OC platform and the 4100 OC's great, your PSU should be able to handle a modest OC on both card and CPU. I would recomend first NOT using the gigabyte software for overclocking, use the Catalyst Control Center to adjust your cpu speed to say 4GHz with the slider and you can also overclock your GPU with the same software. Test the OC on your CPU by running PRIME95 (download it its great) for an hour or 2 (overnight is better) you can download OCCT and run tests for your GPU as well as being an excellent test of your powersupply ;)

Being in argentina you will have to worry about heat alot more than us up here in the Great White North, so that may limit your overclocking ability, as for Power Supplies... Corsair/Seasonic/Rosewill/antec Sentey makes some decent server cases but I have no experience with thier power supplies, but 80+ bronze and up is what you want ;)

Have a great day

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