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ravenger April 14, 2012 02:40 PM

Currently ocing 970
Hi guys from all the help everyone has given me on this forum i finally man'd up and attempting an overclock. Running at 3.9 ghz 1.35 vcore for about 10 minutes on prime 95. So far so good i plan on getting atleast 4.2 ghz. Im going to run this for an hour ( is that long enough) and see what happens. How quick would an error occur bythe way?

30 minutes in ive decided that it was ok but 1.35 v seemed to much based on such high temperatures 80 degrees c whew thats hot (tj max 101c) i went to bios and downed the voltage to 1.335. Running prime 95 again and hoping for better than last time. I also increased the core speed to 4ghz no sudden
Problems yet. Having a locked processor can i change the multiplier to 25 instead of 24? I saw a 970 with a multiplier of 25 in an overclocking review.

Ok i believe my overclock is succesful at 4.2 ghz. I anwsered pretty much all the questions I had but I now see that overclocking is really quite simple. I bumped it back up to 1.35 V and it seems to be solid. I know that there is more to learn about overclocking and in the future when I add some more fans and better my airflow I will try for a higher overclock but 4.2 ghz seems fine to me and ive notice a significant performance increase. It feels so much faster than before. Again I have to thank everyone on this forum for anwsering all my questions I had. :biggrin:

Feanor April 15, 2012 03:29 AM

You're pretty much done with you're overclocking. My 970 can do 4200 (200*21) at 1,360 vcore without breaking the 60c barrier (under water), next step up is 4410 (210*21) at 1,424v and the 70-75 zone. Not really worth the heat and noise.

Now you've found the sweet spot for your cpu, time to tweak your memory. I can run 1830, 2000 and 2210 mhz and still get 4200 cpu speed. My cpu just doesn't work well with anything else than 19x, 21x and 23x. All depends on your IMC. Just up the mhz and memtest untill it fails, back down a little, then continue with lowering timings till it throws errors.

And don't forget to run your uncore as high as possible. Once you're running at high memory speed (1600+), each time you up the multiplier, it nets you a good increase in bandwith. Not really something you'll feel when browsing, but folding ppd increase linearly, so i would think that at least transcoding and (maybe) gaming will benefit from it.

And try to stay away from the itch to get better cooling...:whistle:

ravenger April 15, 2012 04:52 AM

its not so much as replacing the cooling its just adding cooling. Im underwater already and i reach 75c max on prime95 running for 2 hours, After that it pretty much stays at that temp. I think part of it might be is that im pulling hot air from the inside over the rad and out so i just need to turn the fans around. Im also adding another 200mm fan on the top so ill have 2 200's on the top. Im replacing all the fans in my case actually for more colorful better fans. I guess that would be better cooling but its about 75$ to do so ill do it. Not to mention one of the fans on the rad is broken. It still works without problems but am going to replace it also.

I forogt about increasing the ram speed. I am just now going to bed after a long gaming session and the overclock has held without any errors.

freeagent April 25, 2012 06:03 AM

My 970 is a dog too. 4000mhz comes at 1.35, 4.1 @ 1.4, 4.2 @ 1.46, and 4.3 at 1.58...

As for heat.. Well mine went into protect at 107c.. Its been in the 90s many times, so they are pretty tough!

I just wish I had a nice one :(

Fudd Rucker April 25, 2012 10:58 AM

My 970 is running 4.4 under water with temps running @ 70s. Your best bet is to get a triple rad and 3 x 120mmx38mm 3000rpm fans in a pull config set to medium.

Adzsask April 25, 2012 11:13 AM

^ 2nd this, even a quad 130watt CPU is hard to keep under wraps, I run an RX360 RASA kit on my 950, 4.3 1.42v full load temps are 60C, 38mm fans are a bit much noise/price wise though 3 gentle typhoon 1850RPM is what I use and they work great. Hope my OC guide helped you get started into overclocking, it is super addictive!

freeagent April 26, 2012 06:16 PM

I agree, my 970 runs cooler then my old 965xe es did. I am a member at another forum, and a guy I know there, who lives in my city has a 970 that he got from the retail edge program.. His 970 is running at 4.4 with 1.2875 on its stock cooler, or maybe it was 4.2 with 1.28.. Either way its disgusting :haha:

s775 was the last time I had a good chip :censored:

ZZLEE April 26, 2012 06:47 PM

3.8 on C0/C1 920 rihgt now

elmorejohn46 May 5, 2012 12:10 PM

I looked at it wrong and thought you were talking about the i7-920 .I bought around 3 and half years ago It was a DO ,but I ran it at 4.2gigs at 1.435v frome day one and never had any problems It idle 37c to 39c and with prime 95 it did 80c to 85c,but in normal gameing I hardly ever seen it go past 72c.

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