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Silent_Avenger January 25, 2012 12:32 PM

Decent overclock for my 1090T?
Ok so I got a new motherboard recently and I've began OC'ing my 1090T here are my results so far.

CPU-Z: CPU-Z Validator 3.1

So far I'm at 3.762GHz with 1.3v and 250 bus speed. I've run prime 95 stable for 4 hours just to see if this setup was at least fairly stable and only reached 45C with my H100. I do plan on getting to 4GHz eventually so just want to get an idea of the kind of overclocks people have been able to get here on HWC with their 1090T or even 1100T and with what voltages and bus speeds and temps with your cooler.

techman95 January 25, 2012 01:11 PM

thats pretty good. i have mine at 4ghz well 3.92 to be exact with 2300 on the NB and HT with a vcore of 1.48 and get about 43c with prime and my h100. you might be able to hit 4 with a little less voltage than me since i hit 3.7 with a vcore of 1.34 so. but an overclock of 3.8 to 4.2 is normal for the 1090's or 1100's. oh and do the overclock manually in the bios of the sabertooth because the oc tool for them sets way to high voltage and it only overclocks the cpu and nothing else and make sure to set your load line calibration to very high or exterme as well.

edit: heres mine CPU-Z Validator 3.1

Silent_Avenger January 25, 2012 01:22 PM

Yea well I have the HT on auto and NB at 2250 since the next step up is 2500. I don't want to go over 1.4v since that's what AMD says is the max "safe" voltage for the chip so hopefully I can reach 4ghz. I hear the limit for these chips is 4.3ish without going over recommended voltages.

techman95 January 25, 2012 01:27 PM

where did you hear the safe voltage was 1.4? its been 1.5 for the longest time. hell my sabertooth on auto sets the vcore to 1.525. it might be 1.4 on non black-editions maybe

Silent_Avenger January 25, 2012 01:48 PM

On the AMD site their product page for my 1090T states the operating voltage is 1.125-1.40V so I don't really want to go over 1.4v. I believe on their thermal and power data sheet it says 1.475v is the max for the 1090T but I would still prefer to stay at around 1.4v until I can save up enough for a proper water cooling loop.

AMD Processors for Desktops: AMD Phenom

techman95 January 25, 2012 02:09 PM

it seems weird that you hit 45c with that low voltage because i dont go over 43 with mine. what fans are you running on you h100? and do you have good airflow in your case? the h100 can take a phenom 2 just fine because the max temp for them is about 65c. and i wouldn't worry about going over 1.4 if you edge up to say 1.45 you could hit 4ghz and be fine.

Silent_Avenger January 25, 2012 02:15 PM

Well the 45C is what the ASUS temp probe shows(so I guess it's the socket temp) not the core temp. Core temp was 38C max according to CPUID HW monitor but I don't really trust those types of monitors also my ambient temp is at 25C.

Dragonstongue January 25, 2012 03:27 PM

1.45v max for air cooled, 1.5v liquid for all phenom II models, myself I keep at 1.43v or less with a hyper 212+ on a 955 and have not had any issues.

4-4.3 seems to be the clock speed limit
cpu/nb 2400-3200 for the X6, generally whatever your memory speed is you want the cpu/nb to be at its lowest 3 times the base ram speed so for ddr3 1600 that would be 800x3=2400Mhz or higher that cpu/nb should be at
for me
1.41v vcore
1.28v cpu/nb
2.51v cpu vdda
LLC extreme for cpu and cpu/nb

HT I leave stock volts and try to keep it as close as I can to default speeds, there is no direct advantage to running the HT clock higher then default now a days(stock for 955 is 2000Mhz HT)

So anyways, depending on your cpu/board, 200x21=4200 speed, this will take rough 1.42vcore cpu/nb can be at 2800(1.3v or so) HT at 2000 memory can run 1600 at this speed

I am sure you know all the little bits like never have cpu/nb higher then the cpu vcore is, AMD states this could kill the IMC, but as for voltages cpu as you stated but 1.45 for air 1.5 for liquid(I believe the x6 are able to do the same as any C3 stepping cpu Phenom II) and for the IMC same 1.45-1.5 but you should never ever need to hit anywhere close to this to max out the cpu/nb or IMC, 2800 seems to be the most I can get, most X6 users can get around 3000 on the cpu/nb, and it has a definate performance boost doing htis, once you find its "sweet spot"

Silent_Avenger January 25, 2012 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Dragonstongue (Post 594659)
cpu/nb 2400-3200 for the X6, generally whatever your memory speed is you want the cpu/nb to be at its lowest 3 times the base ram speed so for ddr3 1600 that would be 800x3=2400Mhz or higher that cpu/nb should be at

Well then I should be fine (for now) with my 2250 cpu-nb since I'm only running 1333 memory that I don't plan on overclocking any time soon.

munkey000 January 25, 2012 06:30 PM

With my 1100 on water i can get 3.8 with 2800 on the nb on stock voltage which according to cpuz is 1.392v. Idle temps are currently 24C. Actually no matter what voltage i used my nb would not stay stable higher than 2800 at stock volts. Beats me why. At max load cpu temps can get up to about 38 iirc.

I'm still fine tuning my max oc but i can get it semi stable at 4.5 w/ 1.5v. And by semi stable i mean i can surf the web at that speed but any significant load on the system like running a game and i bsod. I think i may have a weak core on my chip since it always seems to be core 4 that fails prime 95 when i run a stress test. Going to see if aod will let me clock the other cores higher than the bad one to find out what my true max oc is. I'm having a slight problem right now with the breaker in my main panel popping everytime i oc because according to my killiwatt at that point my system pulls over 750 watts from the wall, go figure. Guess its time for a seasonic 1000w platinum instead of this crappy cooler master 750w 80%. I'm thinking tomorrow i'll order one.

Oddly enough when running prime 95 and msi kombuster at the same time my system only pulls 650w, but if i play metro 2033 it pulls 750.

I"m actually wondering if when i switch to the seasonic with its absurd voltage regulation and decent ripple suppression if i'll be able to drop my volts even lower for the same oc. This cooler master really sucks balls compared to the seasonic so i'm crossing my fingers. Anyone out there make a similar switch and get a better oc?

1.5v seems to be about the max these chips can use. I had mine bumped up to 1.6 during my initial testing but it didn't make any noticeable difference in my stability so i dropped it back down to 1.5. It appears to me if you can't get it stable at 1.5v your not going to period. But of course YMMV. Like i said i have an old crappy PSU so that might be whats limiting me at this point. Either that or the weaker core 4.

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