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Silent_Avenger January 13, 2012 10:51 PM

To trust in Bios settings or monitoring software?
So I have a 970A-G45 MSI board and I use multiple hardware monitoring programs. I notice though when I manually set voltages in the bios the readings from the monitoring software fluctuate quite a bit. For example when I oc'd my 955 chip I had set voltages in the bios at 1.38v however when monitoring voltages with software they would fluctuate from 1.34v to 1.42v depending on load. So now I don't know which to trust since I don't want to go over "safe" voltage on my new chip. Almost makes me wish I had an Asus ROG board with reading points for a multi-meter. :blarg:

jumpload January 17, 2012 05:09 AM

max vcore for your cpu as you might all ready know as far as the wight paper from AMD is concerned is 1.42v so from what i can tell its all good though the vdoop is more then iv seen in the past,hemmm.

one thing you could do is mess with your bios settings on the vcore topic,sometimes just raising or lowering it one point so to speak can really change how much the vdoop is in the after math,the current regulation for mobos is odd like that sometimes.

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