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Old December 3, 2011, 06:39 PM
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Default Gigabyte GTX570 oc - overclocking ?

Hey guys, got a GTX570 from Gigabyte

base clock is 780mhz. is it normal i'm at 900mhz, stock voltage, fan speed at minimum (40%) and not even reaching 65degrees (if I ramp up the fans to 100%, temps quickly drop to 48degrees) ?

my case is a 650D with the fan controller at slow, and my cpu cooler is a corsair h50

I'm surprised because I used to have a xfx hd4890 and went from 850mhz to 900mhz and the temps were nearing the 80s, and that was in my old case (haf932)

is the gigabyte awesome or am I doing something wrong ?

and yes I am running msi afterburner with furmark

ps I havnt touched the memory clock yet (still at 1900)
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Old December 4, 2011, 10:44 AM
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My System Specs


If you are using a defualt fan Gigaabyte, then you have a good version, if its the triple fan version, then not really, they are apprently excellent coolers(just keep an eye on mem/vreg as they tend to get hottest)

if you go to gpureview you will see all the 570 and the speeds they run at there, this way here you may be able to get the most out of it. just an FYI most modern cards will do in the mid to high 60-70c+ range easily.

its really hard to cool a really small chip after all :P myself I like my cards to get no more then 68c at thier hottest, this is usally with fan 52-64%, this keeps the hottest part of the card in the mid 70-80 range which is well within operating spec.

I think, its mainly becuase of the cooler, the 4890 pushed alot of heat, the newer cards tend to be slightly cooler running because they are more efficent and give clock speed instead of heat.

Oh well, sounds like your happy, and that is all the matters at the end of the day :) and also, you said you are running furmark, that can also be why, from my understanding, Furmark makes newer cards throttle themselves(something Nvidia put into the drivers) so it may not show the card getting as hot as it can.

There are ways of changing the name of Furmark to ensure it is properly loading the card, but keep in mind, AMD and Nvidia both have said furmark is a horrid way of testing for stability and such, as it is not a realistic way of gpu loading themselves in the real world and it puts undo stress on the gpu components for nothing.

I say, if you want to load the card up good for temp testing, play some games, run standard benchies, for myself, BF3, DDO, RO2 and the like, or you could also try running guiminer(used for bitcoin mining) it tends to load the cards up quite high, I use -v -w128 -f0 as my extra flags, card heats up quite well :P

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Old December 4, 2011, 01:55 PM
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Dragonstongue : thanks for the great answer ! exactly the kind of info I was looking after !

Yes, I have the "windorce" triple fan cooler =)
I love it, even at 100%, the sound is far less annoying than the 4890... it's more of a "whoosh" than a "whining"...

thanks for the "gpureview" hint, I was looking in google yesterday to find some overclock references, but since my card's model is "overclock", every search I was doing was leading me to reviews :p

and how do I run full benchmarks, like I see on youtube, it'S as if they record a gameplay sequence ? how do I do that ?
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