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Default A question on Overclocking a 6800GT.

Hi there.

I would like to better understand my situation. Understandably heat is the premier concern when overclocking. I have an eVGA 6800GT that is a real workhorse. I can overclock it to Ultra Specs (400MHz core 1100MHz memory) and even top it out at 418MHz core 1102MHz memory. I can go higher with the aftermarket cooler fan I have but here is my question. When I go higher I see occasional artifacts, very minor such as a very small area (pen cover size) on the screen.

Why does the card declock itself after a short time down to stock core (memory stays overclocked)? The temperature remains stable at about 59C (ambient is in the 30s) and jumps up to low 70s when under load (such as high setting gaming).

I am using nVidia's built-in utility but I have also tried RivaTuner. My current driver is NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver 1.16925.

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