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Alpine August 29, 2011 04:18 PM

i just saw this software... Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4.1

Hot CPU Tester Pro is a system health and stability tester. It tests CPU, chipset and virtually all parts of motherboard for errors/bugs, defective parts and components. It is a burn-in test with uniquely designed state of the art DefectTrack engine. DefectTrack is a technology developed by 7Byte to diagnose systems regarding its stability and in general, computer's health. Hot CPU Tester is currently being used in many labs and governmental organizations around the world, as a reliable stability testing utility.

Main features:
* Revolutionary DefectTrack 2 engine, accurately tests the whole system and its subsets.
* Written purely to test CPU, chipset, motherboard, Memory
* Fully supports x64 computing platform(AMD64 Technology,Intel® EM64T)
* Fuly supports dual-core and multi-processor systems
* Fully supports Hyper-Threaded processors
* Utilizes SSE,SSE2, SSE3, MMX & 3DNow! instructions sets
* Tests L1 & L2 Cache
* Tests System Bus & Memory Bus
* Tests Chipset along with motherboard
* Tests Hard Disk Drives
* Monitors CPU performance under pressure
* Built in Anti-Crash & Exception Handler
* Comprehensive Benchmark tests
* SMBIOS & CPUID featured
* LiveSupport

PM me for more info

chrisk August 29, 2011 05:28 PM

Humm..$20 it seems. Don't see official support for new cpus on the changelog either. How does it work on Sandy Bridge chips?

Alpine August 29, 2011 06:14 PM

i didn't have test it yet. Im currently trying to get my new video card working

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