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Old August 7, 2011, 08:44 AM
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My System Specs

Default Overclocking Nub I7 940 C0/C1


Im total nub in overclocking. I just rebuilt my pc new chassis and a good watercooling loop. im looking to overclock now, ive read several guides and scowered the forums the past week, and for the past couple days been trying to get a stable clock.

Ram has XMP but I read its better to set manual and put the settings in so thats what I did
9-9-9-28 2N (rated for) its 3x2GB triple channel kit

Dram Freq set to 1570Mhz (1600mhz rated for)

Its stable atm in all 3 prime tests any lower voltage in Vcore or QPI/Dram will cause a bsod after 30mins

Tubomode Disable
Speedstep Enabled
HT Enabled

Just updated P6T Deluxe v1 Bios to latest (2209) it unlocked 23x multi. (was capped at 22x before)

I7 940 3611 Mhz

Vcore 1.25000v (1.24 unstable)
PLL 1.8v
QPI/DRAM 1.31250v (1.30625v unstable)
Dram bus voltage 1.5v (ram is rated for 1.5v at 1600mhz)

everything else not listed here is set to auto/default

Temps under prime 58-64c

So are these safe settings am I over looking something? should I push for more and is it worth it?
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