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Old May 8, 2011, 08:02 PM
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My System Specs

Default New to Over-clocking/need advice

I have a new custom built machine and wish to over-clock my CPU.

Here is my build:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Motherboard: M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 Chip set:880G Southbridge/SB850
CPU: AMD Phenom *6 core 1100T Thuban BE 3.3GHZ (3.7 turbo)
CPU cooler: Thermal Take Spin-Q
Power Supply: OCZ Fatality 750w
GPU: HD Radeon Saphirre Vapor-X 5870 *1
Ram: 8 GB Gskill DDR3 (*2 4GB sticks) DRAM freq. 6667MHz
Harddrive: Hitatchi 1TB
(unused as of yet) OCZ Agility 60GB
Displays: Eyefinity triple display, BenQ *3 22 inch
Keyboard: Saitek Cyborg V.7
Mouse: Razer Naga Molten Edition
PC enclosure: Antec DF-85 Darkfleet

Given the fact I run a triple display setup and want to play games on max/add 2nd GPU soon, I want to overclock my CPU. Every time I try, my system BSODS, even when trying to increase to 3.7 GHZ like it says on the CPU box. I used the Asus Core-unlocker (6 cores activated! it says on boot) .

I know little about Overclocking, and ask if a savy gamer/comp tech can give me step-by-step instructions based on the information above. If any additional info required, I'll be happy to provide.

Ps. the machine's case is very "fany" and my GPU temps around 50C normally. I have a SPIN-Q CPU cooler, should that be sufficient cooling?
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Old May 8, 2011, 08:17 PM
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My System Specs


Current CPU temps/speeds/volts on idle:

Each core running at (according to AMD Overdrive):

Frequency: 3300 MHz
Multiplier: 16.50
VID: 1.375 V
Temperature: 15.5 C
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Old May 9, 2011, 06:48 AM
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My System Specs


Maybe gotta try increasing voltage.

ALWAYS overclock in BIOS. Those programs never work.
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Old May 9, 2011, 06:50 AM
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Try small increments of voltage increase in BIOS as suggested, and stress your system under Windows until its stable, then gently increase as needed until its either too hot or unstable.
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Old May 9, 2011, 09:14 AM
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Bios over-clocking is always preferable to software based over-clocking for the enthusiast.

Also be aware of the Max safe reported over-clocking voltage your X6 is reported to handle which is around 1.5V-1.55V. Lower would be much more desirable. As well shoot for temps below 55c if possible at load. As the voltage goes up so does the die temps so your max over-clock will be affected by each.
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Old May 9, 2011, 10:18 AM
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My System Specs


Hello there,

Personally, I have an AMD Phenom II X4, so while not the same chip as yours, overclocking will be similar.

As for the AMD Overdrive program.. Ive had OK luck with using it.. But I just use really to test out a change I want to make without having to reboot. Any overclocking Ive done was always "officially" done in the bios. If you're having issues with overdrive, skip it.

Now, just to say, so its said.. You can't overclock without an aftermarket CPU cooler. The stock one AMD provides is not capable of handling an overclock. You MIGHT get 100mhz safely on the stock cooler.

IME, the AMD chips are nice and easy to overclock. Now, for the X6 chips, I believe you need to turn off Turbo mode, there will be an option in the bios to do so. I also turned off "Cool n Quiet" and C1E support before overclocking, but Ive read that many people don't bother switching them off.

Start with your multiplyer. 16.0 is stock? So try 17.0. Than 18.. etc etc. After each increase, run a CPU stress test, like Prime95, for a like 45 mins. If there is no errors, you can increase again. Do this until your computer wont boot into windows, or Prime95 throws an error. When you get to that point, back off some. So if there was a problem at 22multiplyer, back off to 21.

Now, you can also do the same thing with the FSB(Or CPU frequency its called for AMD I believe.. Forget exactly what my motherboard calls it), which will be at 200 stock. However, from my personal experience, and what Ive seen on forums, you get the best results overclocking with the multiplyer. Its unlocked, so you really can push it however far you like.

So, once you've increased the multi to the point where she wouldnt boot into windows, and then you've lowered the multi.. Now you need to test for stability. You need to run Prime95(or whatever CPU stress test you like, there are a couple.. I like Prime95, personally) for a minimum of 8hours. Most people(including me) will suggest that you run for 24hours to test the stability of your overclock. However, many people(again, including me) dont always have the patience to run prime for 24hours, and so they settle with an overnight run.

For the first, say, 45mins to an hour, you need to be watching your temps. I use "Core Temp" and "HWMonitor". Both are freeware downloads on the web. As was said above, you should keep max temps under 55C ideally. 65C is what is supposedly the max temp, but, so you dont worry yourself about it.. The cpu will turn itself off if its get dangerously hot. But, for an overclock to run stable 24/7, keep it under 55C at the most.

Thats just the basic jist of going about it. Read as much as you can when your surfing the web, and soon you'll be spending your days trying to push your chip that little bit extra, any which way you can.

-Just my opinions, based on what Ive experience and read on forums. Its very possible Im wrong, so just know, its my opinions-
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Old May 9, 2011, 10:41 AM
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My System Specs


Here is a great "guide" to overclocking a AMD system. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=267708

I agree with the other comments, overclock from within the bios. A multiplier overclock is way easy as stated, just start moving your multi up 1 notch at a time increasing voltage as you need to. Watch the temps under load.

If you do decide to go with a non-multi overclock, using the FSB ( pretty sure this is the method that AMD's OD uses and most "software" overclocking apps) remember that raising the FSB increases the speed of your HT/NB/memory frequencies so if you have not dropped them (read the guide it is easier than typing this out) you are going to have those component go out of spec very quickly. Everything runs off that base clock (FSB) so if you have not dropped them or added voltage then your going to have one of those HT/NB/Mem fail before the cpu will.
Good Luck if you have any problems or questions as you go feel free to post them up here.

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Old May 9, 2011, 03:30 PM
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My System Specs


Thanks guys/girls! Appreciate the expertise on this forum--the best. I'll try it out!
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