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GT7R February 17, 2011 12:57 AM

E0, C0, D0...
I know it's a rookie question, but what the heck do these mean?:doh:

ilya February 17, 2011 01:25 AM

Processor steppings. Just think of them as different revisions of processors that potentially improve thermals/performance/efficiency.
They usually start out as something like A0, which are sometimes engineering samples which run fairly hot and inefficient. Then it undergoes tweaks and is released as a revised, better processor.

GT7R February 17, 2011 01:27 AM

Ah so that's all...
Thanks bro!

zsamz_ February 17, 2011 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by GT7R (Post 486656)
Ah so that's all...
Thanks bro!

its more important than you think:whistle:

_dangtx_ February 17, 2011 02:12 AM

and sometimes several revisions are needed for the end product to be profitable/marketable/competitive/etc...

yield rates per wafer, and so on.

edit : anyone waiting for sb e cpus? :D

GT7R February 17, 2011 02:15 AM

Sure it is important, I meant it's not as complicated as I thought it would be,
I was thinking it's much more then a revision signature.

YukonTrooper February 17, 2011 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ (Post 486658)
anyone waiting for sb e cpus? :D

If Intel can bring improvements through a new revision on par with Wolfdale and Nehalem revisions, then a new rev. Sandy Bridge will be wŁnderbar!

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