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Old January 8, 2008, 10:15 AM
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Default Using AS5 on Amd X2 4200

Hello all so i did some tests with AS5 beautifull product but there are always different methods people sugest how to apply it on a cpu. I am only going to tell you about my experience with AMD and AS5 as i have built only computers with AMD.

Some people sugest put a thin layer on the cpu and then spreading it with a credit card and some people sugest put a dab in the center and wiggling it a little and letting the HSF spread it over time.

I have an AMD X2 4200 939 now i tried both methods. Im using a ZALMAN 9700
This was done on stock speeds
Method one spreadin thin layer across and using a credit card then using Prime 95

CPU- 45
CPU CORE- 50-55

Method two put a dab in the center and let the wiggle it a little and let the HSF do its thing over time.

CPU- 38
CPU CORE- 43-46

Now some might say this sounds too wacky but the first time i did the dab in the middle and let it spread the temps were pretty good max of 36 i let it settle for almost a week.

I was like hmmm lets see if spreadin a thin layer brings my temps down well after testin for 4 days and seeing the temps were wayyyy too high for my liking i reapplied the AS5 this morning with a dab and back to my safe normal temps so do the test yourself and see if puttin a dab in the middle works better or spreading the AS5 works better.

Cheers hope my experience helps any of you wondering how to spread the AS5


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