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Default |LN2Cooling.com Evaporator Under Dry Ice| |Phenom II X6 1090T Overclocking|

|LN2Cooling.com Evaporator Under Dry Ice| |Phenom II X6 1090T Overclocking|

Hey guys. I did the full run on the pot that I posted about a few days back.

The full thread is pretty long so visit my blog to see the whole thing.

Video will be up soon.

Here are the results from the run, pics of the setup is on my blog:

CPU-Z - Core #1 5.579GHz @ 1.744Vcore - Validation

For this CPU-Z valid I went all out overclocking my chip's strongest core, core #1. As you can see I disabled all but 2 cores, and ran down a bunch of other settings to get this. Before settling on 5.579GHz, I was able to hit 5.624GHz but was not able to validate without crashing. Maybe I will make this on my next run. My previous run on the aluminum pot only netted me a max validation of 5.547GHz.

CPU-Z - All 6 Cores, 5.500GHz @ 1.696Vcore w/ 3000NB and 1000MHz 7-9-6-15 memory

During my last run, I was only able to push 5.4GHz all 6 cores. This goes to display how the increased mass and the copper material of this pot makes for more efficient cooling and coping with the load of all 6 cores pushed to 5.5GHz.

SuperPi 1m - 12.625 seconds

My old time on the aluminum pot was 12.797. SuperPi 1m is highly inefficient on Gigabyte boards for whatever reason, but I still managed to surpass my old score and net the top 1m DICE score for this processor on hwbot.org.

SuperPi 32m - 12 minutes 58.219 seconds

Due to the fact that this pot can hold down better temps under load, I was able to increase cpu speed in contrast to my previous run. I broke the 13 minute barrier for 32m on DICE with this processor.

wPrime 32m - 4.765 seconds

Not much to say here. I'm thinking I could have fine tuned my setup for a higher score, but I settled at this time. For my next run I will get a faster time.

wPrime 1024m - 151.25 seconds

I was astonished at the pots ability to handle the load of all 6 cores stressed. All extreme benchers know that 1024 takes a bit of work to pass at higher frequencies. I managed to pass at 5.125GHz. The previous pot would not budge at over 5GHz.

PiFast - 20.50 seconds

Once again, another untuned run. However I surpassed all of my personal bests with this one.

3DMark 06 - 28306 3DMarks

For the first time in a long time, I decided to test out some 3d stuff again. I did this mainly to gauge how the evaporator handles 3d load. This is where I saw my biggest improvement from my old pot. During one of my 955 X4 BE runs, I found myself only able to run 06 at 4.520Ghz using the aluminum pot. I was able to push out and run 5.25GHz stable under the load of 3dmark06.

That is all for the results. However, here are the improvements I made with the new pot summarized into one chart:

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