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bushwickbill October 8, 2007 03:27 PM

Flashed My BIOS, someone please take a look!
So I did my First Flash without any problems.:clap: BIOS V. 1604 is installed without a hitch. So I Loaded Default setting in BIOS and began my testing. I Started my Overclocking at 2.6Ghz. V.core was set to 1.25, Ram was at 1.9 Volts on Auto timings 5,6,6,15. Speed Fan reported Idle Temps at Cpu 45C, Core 1 and 2, 33C,34C. I Ran Orthos for a quick run of the first batch of tests, "small FFTSs-stress CPU"(16 Mins). Passed no issues. Temps were still Fine at Load.
Speed Fan reported 55C on the CPU, Core#0 45C, Core #1 45C.
Next I set the CPU to 338*8=2.704 Ghz. I left the Cpu V.core And Ram on the same same settings. At Idle temps were the same as before at 2.6Ghz. I Ran the Same Quick Orthos Test for the Same amount of time(16 Mins),
Temps were the same as the temps at 2.704Ghz.

I then Set the Cpu to 350*8=2.8Ghz. V.Core and Ram settings were the Same as before. At Idle, Speed Fan reported the Temps,Cpu at 46C, Core 1 and 2, 36C, 36C
I then Ran the Same Orthos test "small FFTS-stress CPU"(16 Mins) for the first Batch.
At load Speed Fan reported 56C on the CPU, Core#1 and #2
46C, 46C. Every thing Stayed the Same as before. No issues Yet.
Now for My Next Speed I Went at 360*8=2.88Ghz. I left All the settings the Same as before. No Post.
I then Tried to Raise the V.core to 1.2625, 1.275, 1.35, 1.40. I also Jacked up the Ram volts to 2.1 Volts. No luck what so ever. So with the V.core at 1.4 and the Ram at 2.1 volts, I tried 404*8, No post. 370*8, No Post. 380*8, No Post. 390*8, No Post. I gave up after that. :angry2:

So I went Back to 2.8 Ghz To see if I could lower the V.Core and keep it Stable. I Set the V.core to 1.235, one notch less then before to see if it could run 2.8 Ghz at less volts. Ram at 1.9 volts on Auto Timings 5,6,6,18. And Ran Prime 95.
I got an error after one minute.
So I set the V.core back to 1.25. Ran Prime95 on the "Max heat, Power consumption and some Ram". This time it Ran for the 1024K self test(16 Min torture Test) with no problems. Speed Fan reported 56C on the CPU, Core #1 and #2 were 46C, 46C. Same as my previous 2.8Ghz test.
I finished testing for now so I could get my results off to You.
So with new BIOS in, Everything stayed the Same. I could not get it to post past my previous 2.8Ghz. With the V.Core at 1.40 and the Ram at 2.1Volts on auto timings it still wouldn't budge. What the heck is going on!!??

I was reading in a forum about people raising the volts on the "FSB termination Voltage". I have "Auto and then two other settings in that Tab. Can't remember what they are. Do you have any idea what that "FSB Termination Voltage" Does?? People have said that they have used it to help out their Overclocks. I was looking And I can't find out what it really does. Sure people speculate that it is my North Bridge volts, But I don't think they are certain.
I only have one other suggestion and need to know what you think about it, And how to do it. What if I set my Mult to 7, and tried to post 404*7 which would still be 2.8Ghz. But maybe I would be out of the "FSB hole" That I was talking about. Think that would work? Or is there anything else to try now that I Flashed the BIOS and nothing else has changed?? Thanx. All that worrying about flashing the BIOS and it was a peice of cake looking back.LOL

enaberif October 8, 2007 05:22 PM

You need to run the Small FFT test for a lot longer than 16 minutes! A system can be unstable after 10 hours but you won't know.

3.0charlie October 8, 2007 06:12 PM

First, do not run your Ram timings on Auto; select Manual and choose the SPD speeds (probably 5-6-6-15). Second, use Core temp, it's more precise - are you sure your HSF is properly seated? Your load temps are high, for such a low OC and low volts.

Third, your Ram is rated @ 667Mhz. While oc'ing, you're asking for 720Mhz (failed to load). You need to raise the volts to 2.0, and the raise the NB volts (yes, FSB termination) as needed to have a successful POST. If no POST, loose the timings even further, to 6-6-6-18.

Forth, while using Orthos choose Blend and run for at least 30 minutes, but not before running 2 instances of SuperPi, 32M. This will test your Ram stability.

Remember, you have a Ram rated at a lower speed than your CPU. This is what is holding back your OC. Not your CPU - heck mine is running @ 3.36, and has run @ 3.6.

bushwickbill October 9, 2007 10:12 AM

I want to try to back mt Ram timings off more to what you stated. Problem is it won't let me. When I set timing to manual I can change the first for with what you said, but what about the other six timings?? I need to know how to configure those for loose timings just to see if it is my Ram or do I have a Bum chip. Can you help me with this?

3.0charlie October 9, 2007 10:43 AM

I wish I could help you further, but I don't know your board's BIOS settings. But at least try to loosen the timings as I stated - usually, they're in the same order in the BIOS.

Also, if you see a Trc timing, try loosening that to 30, even 40. Some Ram chips are sensible to Trc. All other timings can be left on Auto.


Babrbarossa October 9, 2007 04:55 PM

Yeah- it's be great to get some faster memory...it's pretty cheap these days too!- definately what's holding back your OC - Also, maybe you could try to reseat your HSF and make sure you applying the thermal grease properly to lower your CPU temps- there are a gazillion guides out there for that, but there's not much point until you get some faster RAM.

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