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mattydies December 24, 2009 03:20 AM

OLD - "PRE" OC questions **RESULTS**
My hardware is listed in my sig below. The Mobo is here, and the E8400 should arrive soon.

I am thinking my Ram may or may not hold me back (it OC'd well with a $60 ECS mobo - over 800mhz with tighter than stock timings, I am excited to have a good board now...)

Would it be a wise idea to relax the timings on the ram, and then try to max freq/speed before trying to oc my CPU? Find out weather or not the Ram can keep up...

Also I would like some opinions on what a "safe" CPU voltage would be for an E8400.


mo' power December 24, 2009 04:53 AM

Before overclocking your ram, you should find the max stable OC on your cpu. As for safe voltage on your cpu, check Intel's website. Safe voltage depends on what type of cooling you'll be using. Excessively high voltages may shorten the lifespan of your components.

stoanee December 24, 2009 08:59 AM

E8400 is a great chip to overclock. Google around, there is tons of settings and advice out there for that chip. I had mine to 4 ghz without breaking a sweat, can't remember the settings though. Don't forget aftermarket cooling, I recommend the Coolermaster Hyper 212+.

Sagath December 24, 2009 09:18 AM

And dont worry about your ram so much. You can always just change the FSB:RAM divider to a lower ratio to get your ram to work while your cpu is overclocked

jcmaz December 24, 2009 10:03 AM

This guide isn't really relevant but gives you some procedures on how to isolate each component: "Offical" Overclocking Guide - AMD Socket AM2 - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

enaberif December 24, 2009 10:24 AM

You will want new ram if your going to do any real overclocking.

That is PC2-5300 ram which is capable of speeds to 667 or more if possible.

You'll want to pickup a good set of pc2-6400 but with the rising costs of DDR2 memory your best bet would be to look used.

mattydies December 24, 2009 12:58 PM

~ Sagath ~ I understand about the ram divider thingy (lol... Even if I do not sound like I do) I want to OC the h*ll out of my new computer (since I have not been able to OC a CPU in LITERALLY 3 years), and I was unsure if a FSB divider would give me enough options to run the heck out of my new cpu. Also my car has a blown motor, so in the mean time I need to be able to run the sh*t out of something

~ mo' power ~ I know its prefferable to OC the CPU First, but I don't want to chance the ram holding my OC back. I finally have a nice board to OC with, and want to use it! I have an ULTRA 120 Extreme cooler. Had her for a while, but I think it should be plenty addequite for an OC'd e8400.

~ enaberif ~ I know my ram is only 677, But as I said, when running a $60 Value ECS mainboard My ran hit over 800mhz and was STILL able to notticably tighten up the timings (Went from 4-4-4-10 to 3-5-3-8 @ over 800 mhz :shok: YEAH the ram likes to run). With a good mobo, The ram may just suprise us all... WHEN I buy new ram would I not be "wasting" my time with 6400? The board supports DDR2 @ speeds upto 1366mhz+ When I upgrade should I not buy something running at ATLEAST 1000mhz? (for best performance)

I also want to see what I can squeeze out of this ram before I buy newer stuff. Plus I won't be able to afford it for a while now. I really should have bought an Engine for my car before fixing my fried comp (fried cpu and mobo :censored:)

enaberif December 24, 2009 01:31 PM

Different boards will take to memory differently so to say you may get the same overclock is a statement you may or may not eat.

You would only need 1000mhz memory if you were really gonna push your 8400 to like 4ghz or more but you'd find that at 4ghz you won't see much more improvement in gaming.

mattydies December 24, 2009 02:02 PM

Well I definitely want to be able to surpass 4ghz even if its only for occasional use / bragging rights / the challenge of it

enaberif December 24, 2009 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by mattydies (Post 307231)
Well I definitely want to be able to surpass 4ghz even if its only for occasional use / bragging rights / the challenge of it

4ghz on a e8400 is nothing to brag about :bleh:

4.5+ is :whistle:

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