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jamason56 September 16, 2009 11:45 AM

CPU HSF for AM3 system
Hi all,
I've been researching this issue, but would like everyone's thoughts on what would make a good aftermarket HSF for my system:

Antec Signature SG-850 PSU (1 80mm fan)
Antec 1200 Case (6 fans) (side panel currently off of system)
Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-UDP5 Mobo
AMD Phenom II X955 BE @ 3.2ghz (stock HSF, no OC)
Patriot Memory 4 x 2gb @ 1600mhz
ATI HD4890 x 2 @ OC to 940/1140mhz (stock cooling)
Seagate 1TB 7200.12
APC Backup-UPS XS1500

Currently my CPU runs around 40-42 @ idle and up to 55 @ load.
My GPU's run around 61-65 @ idle and up to almost 90 @ load.

- What HSF do you use
- What kind of temp improvements did you see
- Where did you buy your HSF
- I've heard that perfect flatness ot the HSF base is preferred. Thoughts

I really appreciate everyone thoughts and time. Thank you!

Comer, GA

crazyhorsejohnny September 16, 2009 11:48 AM

Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 LGA1366 LGA775 LGA1156 120MM - DirectCanada

Your temps will drop 5 to 7. You need to use good thermal paste as well.

Browster November 22, 2009 01:29 PM

If you can get one of these http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.ph...=300&Itemid=62
They work great, huge difference from stock cooling and this thing is Massive. You can mount 2 120mm fans its 4 pipe direct touch, with 3 more pipes on top of the 4.
Really good HSF, and pretty silent...

Browster November 22, 2009 01:42 PM


Browster November 22, 2009 01:42 PM

There is a review for HCW! :)

Hacksaw907 December 10, 2009 09:50 AM

I use the Prolimatech Megahalems. Excellent cooling, but it is a little pricey. The Noctua NH-D14 and Corsair H50 are also some of the best AM3 coolers you can get.

rapmaster December 10, 2009 09:55 AM

I'll go with the Megahalems or the D14.

Soultribunal December 10, 2009 10:33 AM

Zerotherm Nirvana NV-120 , Zalman Flex with Coolermaster R4 Fans would be my suggestions.


Fudd Rucker December 10, 2009 04:46 PM

i found with amd quads (i went through a few of them too) the sunbeam core contact seemed to be the best cooler all around.

FlyingFish December 10, 2009 10:19 PM

I have the OCZ Vendetta 2. On my Phenom II X3 720 OC'd @ 3.4ghz it keeps things around 22 degrees idle, 35 degrees at 100% load.

Highly recommend it.

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