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Old September 12, 2009, 05:51 PM
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My System Specs

Default Monkey's i7 Overclock Log

So after waiting 2 months on surprise specials and Saturday sales from ncix i finally put my i7 rig up about a week and a half week and I've been meddling around with it and here are my results so far:

BCLCK: 191
Multi: 20x
vcore: 1.2875v
VTT: +75mV (so eleet is reporting 1.28v)

and the Ram:
8 9 8 21
DimmV: 1.57v

But because turbo mode is on its running at 21x and for some reason eleet has the BCLCK at 190.5 making it run at 4.0001ghz and this too is the same reported core frequency in realtemp as well.

My temps under water are:

Idle: 35-41
load: 58-62

The thing that is bugging me though is that i can not get this chip to run pass anything higher than 4ghz. I tried as high as 4.5ghz 1.35V and it booted but even like upping the BCLCK to 192 its not stable for more than a minute in P95 and i've tried 4.1ghz at 1.325v with the ram supper underclocked at 1200mhz at 9 9 9 24. I've tried running the MCH strap at 1867 instead of the lowest 800 as I thought by upping the MCH strap it will help get better OC results and even in the bios description does this say that but in my testing i have found that its actually the other way the higher i go the more likely the OC is to fail quicker in P95, not boot into windows or even post.

I'm running my D0 (and its even one from that really good batch #3844xx) with an EVGA x58 SLI LE mobo and some Mushkin HP3-12800 (part#998659). And what I've seen is that 4ghz on this board with the amount of voltage is normal but i cant even bump it up anymore.

Now steping away from the hardware part to software. Eleet, i have a few questions about. First how exactly do you save your OC results and have them boot up instead of whats in the bios? Cause i was just looking into it I noticed that you can increase the BCLCK by .5 and that you can up the turbo mode's multiplier to as high as 40x. So when in eleet you do fiddle around with some stuff and lets say if you want save those settings you go to the options tab and then click the "save profile" button but what exactly happens? does your bios gets rearanged to that or when you boot into to windows does it readjust or what happens?

And 2, my biggest concern is to do with the reported voltages with in eleet. For example I have my cpu running at 1.2875v through the bios but eleet reports 1.270 some times either 1.28v or 1.29v (i guess it rounds up) the weird part though is when i my cpu is near 100% load (so P95 is running) eleet reports my cpuV at 1.223v and other ridiculously low voltages around the 1.22-1.23v range. And this i've noticed has happen with all my different voltages, another time when i had my cpu core at 1.26v through the bios while eleet was reporting 1.17v. So what gives? And this happens with the dimmV as well but not to that extent, actually it's the other way so my ram is at 1.57v, eleet reports 1.6v.

So if any of you can help me out on any of my concerns about eleet and help me to reach a higher OC result on my i7 then PLEASE post. Thanks guys.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

The Black box

CPU: i7 D0 4GHz @1.2875v
RAM: Mushkin HP3-12800 (part#998659)
GPU: Evga GTX 260 core216
PSU: PC Power 750w
Case: Mountain Mods U2 UFO Gloss Black

Detek Fuzion V2 cpu block
Detek GFX V2 gpu block
Thermochill Pa 120.3 rad
Res was going to be the typhoon 5.25" res with pump fitting but to bad it was a leaker so its just a standard Swiftech micro res v2
All black 1/2 IN" tubbing

Will get pictures of it and put in the builds section of the forums

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Old September 14, 2009, 05:41 PM
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My System Specs


The voltage drops are Vdroop, it's an Intel spec to keep the processor from frying or something, I just know that you can turn it off by enabling Loadline Calibration (most motherboards). Basically, it lowers your voltage when your processor is under load, that's about as much as I know about it. I can get my C0 i7 920 to 4GHz with around 1.38V, on my ASUS P6T WS Pro, with HT disabled. Disabling HT can get you higher overclocks.

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Old September 14, 2009, 05:51 PM
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My System Specs


As the above poster mentioned, try turning on LLC. I dont know how much that will help. Ive heard that the EVGA LE has a BCLK hole from ~190 to ~205.

You can check to see if thats true by bumping your BCLK to say...210x19 turbo off, see if its stable, then trying turbo or just bumping the multi to 20x if it is stable at ~4.2
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Old September 14, 2009, 06:12 PM
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My System Specs


I have run my X58 SLI LE from 190 - 200 x 19 without a hiccup for a couple weeks now. I would recommend checking the eVGA boards too, but my personal experience has been solid between 190 and 200. I am running 202 x 19 right now, folded 6 threads and 2 GPUs for over 16 hours last night and today without a problem.

You can push VTT up to 1.35v, so I would push VTT and your vDIMM too. If the RAM is rated 1.65v then run 1.64v and push the CPU while trying to keep your RAM close to rated speeds. If you are solid then start backing off VTT first and then vDIMM, if you are worried about voltages.

Also, from what I read on the eVGA boards, turning vDroop off is pretty standard for overclocks.

What is your CPU PLL? I have mine up at 1.83v, I read that 1.88v is the limit and 1.8v is stock.

Good luck with your OC!
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