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Old August 17, 2007, 09:32 AM
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Default First OC E6320

Last night I add 45min to play with my system..Only increase was FSB/Vcore and memory timing and VDRAM to 2.2..and started Orthos..

this morning since system was stable I lowered the Vcore..and run a quick Orthos.

What do you guys think of that quick OC system at idle in coretemp show 18 to 20C.

What would you guys would be trying next?

What is a good Vcore for those I know I haven't lowered alot and speedstep is active it drop to 2.5ghz when idle.

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Old August 17, 2007, 09:47 AM
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My System Specs


Nice overclock

What are the rest of the specs of the computer?

Your temps are pretty low, so you can go quite a bit further. 65C is the recommended max.

I run my E6600 @ 1.45V in the BIOS and 1.328V by CPU-Z.
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Old August 17, 2007, 11:35 AM
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System Specs:

CPU: E6320
MOBO: Asus P5K-Deluxe WIFI/AP
CPU Block: Swiftech Apogee GT
Radiators: 2 x Thermochill PA120.2
RAM: Corsair Dominator 8500C5D
Video card: 8800 GTX + EK Block
Wondering whats the next step I should try to get more out of that CPU and RAM I have.
What Vcore/VDRAM would you try next?
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Old August 17, 2007, 01:28 PM
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My System Specs


Most effective seems to be to keep mem freq low while you take your cpu up slowly.

Keep raising FSB & quick testing until you start to see some instability with orthos (3dmark `03 is a pretty good indicator as well). Try a minor voltage bump and retest. Keep going that way until you're uncomfortable with the voltage (1.55 seems to be a fairly popular max volt, but many also go as high as 1.6 for 24/7 operation) or the temps.

Once you've found your max CPU OC, drop it down and focus on max mem OC in a similar fashion.

Once you've got both those #s, chose the best combination of the two keeping in mind that CPU clock should outweigh mem clock as you can bump bandwidth on the mem with tighter timings.
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Old August 20, 2007, 08:55 AM
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CPU: 450*7=3150mhz (e6320)
RAM TIMING: 4-4-4-9 (Corsair 8500C5D)

sswilson - I have adjusted ram timing..still work to do with the voltage since I think it's not 110% stable will have to work longer stress test..but that's with video card stress+cpu stress not a long test stress but it's on the go.

This is the same config with TAT for 1 hrs on LOW fan speed

Super Pi 1M = 15s

My temperature goes around +-58C with TAT I wont be increasing my FSB and I think the ram is at a decent timing.

What do you guys think I know 60C aint far away should I reduce the FSB so it produce less heat..I can try reducing the VCore but 1.35 seem decent.

Let me know what you think of the heat and overclock on this baby currently I don't think I will try to make it faster I like the way it is but il try to play more with the ram timing see if I can do


PS: Currently running Orthos at home while I am at work hopefully when I get back home it still gona be up..longest time I have run Orthos on that config was 3hrs and it never got over 48C..but I know TAT can make it jump to +-58c is this too hot or it's fine for 24/7 day use? And I will update post tonight when I get back home with the results of Orthos for more then 8 hours.

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Old August 20, 2007, 08:58 AM
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Just try and stay below 65C orthos load, 58 is np.
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