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Default Ocz Vendetta 2, e5200 temps

So I just installed an OCZ vendetta 2 for my comp. Installed it with arctic silver. Using pushpins

Case is a antec 300 with 2 addition gelid case fans at the front.

Heatsink fan is pointed upwards pushing heat up and out of the case.

Temp is 60,57 when running prime test #2.

Temp is 46,41 when idle.

This does seem kinda high no? i've been using core temp.

The only explanation for this would have to be the ambient heat or the fact that I fudged up the installation. I put a generous amount of thermal paste, but when installing I was too lazy to take out the whole board.

So what do you guys think of these temps?


Reseated it, put the hsf blowing to the back of the case, only problem is that the top fan of my antec 300 is grinding against the fins of my vendetta. A make rubber wedged between fixed that lol.

Temps are better now 58,54 Must be because my room is flaming hot
CPU: E5200 @3.5ghz 1.232v [12.5*280](stock hsf)
MOBO: Biostar TP43D2-A7
VID: Diamond HD4870
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500gb
RAM: G.Skill 4GB @ 576mhz (
PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET

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