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Default Northbridge SPP voltage on 780i too high?

So I have a Q6600 (shitty VID, 1.3125) on a EVGA 780i mobo. I've been trying to get it P95 stable at 3.6ghz for awhile (Sorry, there's just something I don't like about my system not being a nice, even number like 3.996ghz, lol) by the usual VCore, FSB, SPP (Northbridge), MCP (Southbridge) and Memory Voltage adjustments. Lately I've been doing some fine tuning with GTLREF voltages to no avail.

I have 4x1gb sticks, which may also impede my OC (and may be the reason my SPP has to be so high to be stable). However, with actual VCore at 1.52, SPP at 1.55V, and other settings pretty standard, I have a stable overclock running for about 8 hours now.

1.55V shows up as red in my BIOS, so does 1.50V, the closest "safe voltage color indicator" in the BIOS (if they even really mean anything) is 1.45V. I'm using 1.55V and have attained stability. Everest measures the load temp of the SPP as 47C because I'm watercooliing it....

Should I aim for a lower OC at a "safe" VCore of =<1.5V and/or a "safe" SPP of =<1.45V or do you think that the SPP voltage for 24/7 is fine? (I dont care too much about VCore, I read a lot that Q6600s are tough and can take a higher VCore for day-to-day usage)

Thanks for your help, you guys are always helpful.
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