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TopDogZero May 28, 2008 11:20 AM

C0000218 Fix "long and short"
Hello all,

I am posting this incase it will help someone in the future.
One of my friend’s computers (windows XP) had a fatal error the other day which I managed to fix; his Registry file (or Hive file) had become corrupted and windows was giving the error “C0000218 Hive File Failure” at start up. Here is the official Microsoft fix for this:
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

This worked but it is a very long process and not very user friendly, basicaly what you want to do is replace the files (Sam, Security, Software, Default and System) in your "c:\windows\system32\config" folder with the ones from a recent restore point which are in your "c:\system volume" folder, example "C:\System Volume Information\_restore{D86480E3-73EF-47BC-A0EB-A81BE6EE3ED8}\RP1\Snapshot".
This is all assuming you have windows installed on C drive.

This is much easier if you have another computer, just hook up the drive from the non working PC in to your working PC and replace the files, then put back the drive boot in to windows and do a system Restore to any point you like.

Hope this helps someone.

P.S. Vista does not do this kind of crap, but then again it it has entirely new crap to deal with.:haha:

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