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Old December 2, 2013, 11:23 PM
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Default The next "Threshold"

So with the rumors of Microsoft's next OS starting to float I just wanted to weigh in and give Microsoft some feedback and advice before it arrives.

First off. Unification. Unification only works if its from the top down and the top still benefits. Imposing Windows Phone on a Windows Desktop will NEVER work. Don't get me wrong, I like the Surface Pro, think its a great device but the reason for that is its ultimately a PC under the metro UI, and all the benefits that are associated with that but the ultimate limitations of the Metro UI are still there and will always be ingrained in it. Hence Windows RT being near useless.

Next up. Metro. Metro and the Windows App store completely defeat the point of Windows. Windows has always been an open platform where if it was available you could install it no questions ask and noone took a cut of the proceeds. Visibility was an issue and I'm not against a Microsoft run store, I'm against it being one, Metro only, and 2 the only way to install any sort of metro application.

Now we move to the 2nd part of Unification, the Xbox One. The Xbox one should have been running a stripped down, modified Windows 8 to begin with. Not the frakenstiend creation of 3 OSes. They had the opportunity to UNIFY their platforms into one and I'm still puzzled as to why they didn't, would have given them a strong footing and a much more interesting array of potential, finished, launch titles AND supported a lot of the previous gens games to boot. And don't go telling me that they couldn't have gone and locked down the OS or gotten the optimization they wanted if they had, because I don't buy that.

Next. Windows 8. Coming from someone who never looks at the Metro side of things. Very little has changed, there are speed improvements and a UI improvement or 2 but on the whole, its essentially a Service Pack for Windows 7, not a new OS. The real problem with their version of Unification is that it is entirely based around Metro and Touch, not the desktop or even the laptop. I want my Start Button functionality back. Really Vista/7/8 have all been relatively similar. I'm looking for real improvements in the next desktop OS, not just UI changes.

Basically, Microsoft, if you stick more of Windows Phone onto my PC I will personally come to Redmond and slap you silly.
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Old December 3, 2013, 07:11 AM
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My System Specs


I have Windows 8.1 and I too, rarely frequent inside the MetroUI (whatever it's called now). As a desktop user, I can't stand being in there. The only thing I use in the Start Menu is press WindowsKey and type in my program I want to run. Other than that, I have Google Chrome with all the tabs of social media websites and newspages that I could ever want. My mail notifications don't work from the MetroUI so I rely on my phone.

I think you have a good point about the XBone as well. They could easily have made it more unified, instead of have 3 levels of OSes on the machine.
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Old December 4, 2013, 08:10 PM
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My System Specs


Now before people start bashing Microsoft, last I heard was Apple plans to do the same thing with iOS and OSX.

That being said, have you used a Windows 8 tablet? My brother has a merger Acer W510 but it works quite well IMO. I said similar things about "Metro" when it came out and I had it on my desktop, but with a decent sized tablet, it works fine. Arguably a better experience than Android and iOS devices since you can always drop to the classic desktop interface at the tap of a tile. I find far more freedom in having that.

I do agree with your XB1 comments though, seeing how I own one, the lack of integration with Windows is appalling. I was expecting so much more. At the very least, I was expecting all the Store apps that run on Windows to work on the Xbox, that is not the case at all. Considering a large majority of those apps are merely HTML5 pages, it's even more perplexing. Likewise, by all means, it should play all games that run on Windows too. It's a damn PC! It's even using a Windows-based kernel and has DirectX support. I really don't get it. MS could of totally annihilated the whole SteamBox concept with the XB1.
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