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muse108dc April 22, 2013 10:48 PM

Why, Documents, Why?
Can someone please explain why so many programs and games insist on cluttering up my rather important Document folder in windows. I'm being force to move everything to a new folder on a different harddrive due to this. I considering my docs a rather important folder as its where, you geussed it, I keep my documents which range from mildly important to mission critical.

You'd have thought that Microsoft with Windows being such a big gaming ecosystem they would have had at the very least a seperate My Games folder somewhere else and encouraged the use of that. But no thats in My Docs as well.

With all the stuff Microsoft could do to refine Windows they just keep adding crap to windows 8. Its not even hard stuff to do, cleaning up the file system and dictating to devs where stuff goes would be a huge help I think.

JD April 23, 2013 05:56 AM

That's what the "Saved Games" folder is for in Vista and up. It's just that game developers never adopted that....

Shadowmeph April 23, 2013 09:05 AM

there is usually a option to change where certain things are saved you might be able to trick the saved games folder but creating a link or shortcut from some where else using the same name I have done this for my torrent files so that when the downloads os linux or what ever are downloaded to the files download folder it is actually just a shortcut from a completely different hard drive I use.

muse108dc April 23, 2013 04:54 PM

Yeah I've noticed the Saved Games folder as well as the My Games folder but nothing uses it. Whats worse is you really have no control where games save stuff to. You can designate the primary install directory but apart from that your out of luck. I swear the worst I've seen is DragonAge Origins though, it must have at least 3 other folders that are each 10 Gigs in size and for the life of me I cant explain it.

What I'm doing now is leaving that docs folder where it is and just using it for all the crap that auto installs in there and have created a new My Docs folder to be able to easily find and keep track of my stuff.

supaflyx3 April 23, 2013 04:57 PM

Important documents shouldn't be saved to my documents anyways unless you run backups

muse108dc April 23, 2013 05:15 PM

Well whenever I install windows now I make a point to move all the My Docs, My Photos, etc to a different harddrive other than C. And in general I do keep backups of the mission critical docs synced with Box. I'm just being annoyed that that folder is considered a dumping ground for everything.

JD April 23, 2013 06:21 PM

The "My Games" folder is not a system/shell folder that I'm aware of. Some game developers adopted the idea of keeping it clean and made that subfolder themselves.

Slightly cumbersome approach, but you could create 2 profiles/accounts on your computer, one for gaming-only and the other for daily usage. That would keep your documents folder clean.

muse108dc April 23, 2013 06:33 PM

Eh, I think my current setup will do fine now. This is just me being amazed by the mess that my file system becomes.

Shadowmeph April 23, 2013 07:09 PM

I think that the "My Games" folder is used for any Microsoft game saves I would think for games that I cannot afford the proper gear for like flight sim ( Microsoft) and those games are for that folder

OC-Guru April 24, 2013 02:35 AM

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Am I missing something? (yes I play games on my computer)

No, them network drives aren't disconnected.. they're connected :)

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