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fortkentdad March 2, 2013 10:37 PM

Strange Fix for Photoshop In Windows 8
Well I discovered that Adobe Photoshop Elements 10's photo editor did not want to work in my newly reloaded Windows 8. I tried reloading, deleting and reloading, clearing everything that smelt like Adobe from my registry and reloading, nadda, that Elements 10 Editor would not run. "Windows has encountered a problem" - and while WIndows did promise to get back to me if it found a solution (like that's ever happened) it did not provide any error code to help me trace the root of the problem.

Then I decided to try the old "compatibility" setting and told it to run in Windows 7 mode. Voila it worked. Then I happened to open the Editor from within Adobe's Organizer, and it worked. Hmmmm. So I went back to the Windows shortcut and unchecked the Win7 mode setting and ran the program normally. And what do you know, now it worked. What changed? It just needed to get that first kick start in Win7 then it was Ok to restart in Win8. Got me stumped, but it worked.

So if Win8 is giving you grief (and goodness knows it does that) don't forget to try the elementary fix of just using the compatibility settings for Win7 or even XP, and if that works, see if you then can restart it normally without having to use the compatibility settings.

Here ends todays lesson.

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