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Marute June 27, 2012 06:14 AM

WEI Unavailable, please help :-/
So after my last exam I've cleaned up my desktop and fixed my computer so I don't have all sorts of files everywhere as well as taken back up of my stuff.

It has been a while since I last took a look at it, but I see now that for some reason Windows Experience Index shows up as unavailable. I've tried to just update it and it ran the test but nothing happened.

Here's how it looks. It's in Danish but you'll see that the numbers are gone.

The only thing that has changed on my computer is my Norton Internet Security. I had a 30 days test period which recently ran out. Can that be the problem?

How to fix?? :-/

3.0charlie June 27, 2012 09:11 AM

You don't need - ever - WEI. Don't even bother with it.

Marute June 27, 2012 10:09 AM

I know it doesn't really matter but I'd like to have it back anyways, and I'm wondering why my computer suddenly won't show the data. :-/

EmptyMellon June 27, 2012 05:37 PM

Reset Windows Experience Index on Windows 7
Reset Windows Experience Index on Windows 7 :ph34r:(your favorite search engine).

frontier204 June 27, 2012 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Marute (Post 637796)
I'm wondering why my computer suddenly won't show the data. :-/

The WEI scores disappear when Windows thinks you changed your hardware. A lot of driver updates, especially GPU and chipset, will cause a reset of WEI. BIOS updates or some BIOS settings that have to do with your hard disks (going from AHCI to RAID or Legacy mode for instance) cause the issue as well.

Generic User #2 June 27, 2012 10:30 PM

are you saying you can't even run the test?

Marute June 28, 2012 01:50 AM

No, the test would run but no numbers be shown.

However, it appears that the problem has fixed itself over night. I have no idea how but a fix is a fix. Thank you all for your replies anyway. :-)

frontier204 June 28, 2012 03:36 AM

:haha: glad the problem er... resolved itself.
I've quoted the intermittent computer issues joke enough times, I've added part of it on my sig!

(Google search "Computer Scientiest" "flat tire" for the many copies of it...)

Marute June 29, 2012 04:38 AM

Haha funny joke :D I guess it just indicates how much a computer is doing without we actually know it since it can locate and fix a problem on itself. ^_^ Just glad it worked out.

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