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muse108dc March 6, 2012 01:31 AM

So... Windows 8 on tablets
Who wants a Windows 8 tablet. I know I sure dont want it anywhere near one of my main machines but I think it has real posibilities as a Tablet OS. Admittedly I have yet to use it on a tablet or touchscreen device but one with an intel/amd chip so I can use full windows apps (legacy if you must) as well as all the Metro. The ability to stick to 1 eco system for my pc and tablet would be great but despite what they say they've got 2 different platforms pushed together. Windows 7 for example is not going to be able to run Win8 apps even in a window.

See this is what bugs me, Metro is great for touch, but its terrible anywhere else. If I had the ability to have a tablet that ran 8 but when I plugged it into a monitor with m/k amd got win 7 I can see that being a system replacer for some. I'm sure this is what Microsoft is trying to do but theres too much blending currently for it to appeal.

At the moment I'm on the bench here because right now I dont even want to support 8 at all, but at the same time I think it could be the best tablet OS yet.

JD March 6, 2012 04:41 AM

What if...

When you docked the tablet to a docking station which had your monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. plugged into it, that the tablet became exclusively only for Metro, so your start menu/apps and your monitor was always in desktop mode? Then you could simply tap on things to launch them and then switch to your kb/mouse to use them.

That's basically how dual-monitors works currently. The primary has Metro launch on it (though you can switch to desktop) and the secondary is always in desktop mode.

So I don't see why having a tablet would function any differently. Of course, this is assuming you buy a x86-64 based tablet and not an ARM one which will likely be bulkier and more expensive. If you get ARM, then a lot of stuff isn't going to run and it may not even be able to drive a monitor output, who knows.

b1lk1 March 6, 2012 07:26 AM

This is why I have placed all my chips in Google's basket and I have gone to Android for my needs for nearly everything. The only thing truly lacking right now in Android is printer support. The main reason I am going this way is that while Windows always will require more costly hardware, Android will do it's thing on much cheaper stuff.

No interest here for anything Windows. I don't like paying for an OS. I was very unsure of tablets when they first came out but ever since I got my Transformer with the dock I have never looked back. I won't argue that Windows 8 could be the BEST tablet OS, but I guarantee it will be the most expensive and will require specialized hardware as well.


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frontier204 March 6, 2012 08:12 AM

When I used the Windows 8 Customer Preview I saw quite a bit of potential for it in a tablet. Being able to use the "same" app on my PC and tablet would be great for me, especially since the crowded app market for both Apple App Store and Android Market contain so much garbage that doesn't use standard formats.

I'd be sold on Windows tablets if they don't end up "locked" requiring you to trash your hardware because you can't upgrade the software (i.e. what most smartphones and tablets backed by smaller companies do). Yes there's hacking, but I don't know any community I can trust, especially when I'm entering passwords into my tablet.

That said, Windows 8 isn't out yet, and 2 quarters is still quite a bit of time in the mobile industry. We're to see Android 5 and iPad 3, the former very likely before any Windows 8 tablet, and the latter will be in the wild before any Windows 8 tablet. In that same note, if Research in Motion doesn't release something spectacular for the PlayBook, Windows 8 will destroy them shortly after release.

Adzsask March 6, 2012 08:51 AM

I really want to try it on a tab, never going near my PC (I know very well to wait for every 2nd/3rd OS from microsoft). Seems to me the only improvements were made for smaller machines like smart phones and tabs and touch screens.(with supposed improved multi cored CPU compatibility)

muse108dc March 29, 2012 04:37 AM

I dont know the appeal of a windows tablet is fading the more I use my laptop. Though I sort of like the look of the Lumia 900 now.... The 800 was a pleasure to hold in my hand but felt small for some reason.

But what I would like to see is Windows 7 being able to run metro apps in a window (you know, where apps belong) as well as on a W8 Tablet.

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