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bissa December 20, 2011 05:03 PM

difficulties with opera
in the past few days I've been having problems with opera not loading the occasional youtube video. has anyone else experienced this?
also something that's been happening for a while but is a lot less intrusive is after I've had the browser open for a few days it will stop loading some larger images properly. my guess is that it's getting too large for it to handle, because when I close opera, let it clear from the running programs, and reopen it everything goes back to normal.
any suggestions for either of these?

martincrow April 13, 2012 04:59 AM

Opera is not working properly on my system as well, the same issue faced by me since a long time, and shifted to chrome once again, the issue faced by most of the users are similar to your specifications, we should use a better web browser in form of chrome or Firefox.

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SpaceSquad April 13, 2012 05:50 AM

Hmm...I don't really have any issues with Opera on Linux, Mac or Windows...

Mayyyybeeee try

Opera button > settings > quick preferences > edit site preferences
Then go to the network tab and change "Identify as Opera" to IE or Firefox

Helped me with a couple of sites.

NyteOwl April 13, 2012 09:12 PM

Problems with YouTube videos are not confined to Opera. I've seen various complaints about them on virtually every major browser, and a few obscure ones.

spikexp April 14, 2012 06:24 AM

Yeah, I have that problem for some day too.

Just refresh the page.

bissa June 15, 2012 12:16 AM

I found that it was because it was caching EVERYTHING and because it was a 32 bit program, it would run out of addressable space and would stop loading pretty much everything. they just released opera 12 with an option to get 64 bit, so I've got that and will see if it fixes anything.

bissa June 15, 2012 01:39 AM

ok, so something cool that I just ran into with the 64bit version, or version 12, or possibly both, I just went to youtube and was watching a video in regular definition, then went to change it to 1080P and it didn't even twitch in the playback.
I will update probably sometime tomorow if the caching thing becomes a problem or if it's better.

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