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JayDeeHobbit October 25, 2011 03:21 PM

My first experience with Windows phone activation.
I've formatted my HDD many times and did numerous hardware upgrades with XP over about 7 years but I had a legit corporate copy on my personal PC so I never had to do any activation.

I started using a legit retail copy Win 7 about a year ago and I replaced my motherboard last week so this is my first time that I was told to activate.

I used the phone activation and it went very smoothly but why the heck do they need 9 sets of 6 digits read over the phone and then another 9 sets of 6 digits I need to key in = lol ain't that a tad overkill. As I said it went smooth but I found this ridiculous.

boggtrotter59 October 25, 2011 06:33 PM

Very ridiculous... I've had to do it a few times for clients of mine when I upgraded their machines... lots and lots of numbers to enter. Not sure what the point of it all is...

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