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Babrbarossa March 1, 2007 08:13 PM

Which OS are you using, and which will you be using next year
I'm curious to see what are people here using for operating systems, and what they plan to be using in a year.

I'm using Windows XP MCE 05 now and have Vista 32 Premium on the way, I'm not sure what I'll do with the Vista 32 (install it right away/wait a bit/ install it on a second drive) but I do reckon that in a year I will be making the switch to 64.

SKYMTL March 1, 2007 08:22 PM

Laptop: Windows XP Pro
Home PC #1: Windows XP Home
Home PC #2: Windows XP Home
Work PCs (20 of them): Windows XP Pro
Work PCs (4 of them): Windows 2000
Work (servers): Windows Server 2003

Vista = Disaster for professional oriented computers. Period.

Which will I be using next year: I don't plan on changing.

Forge March 1, 2007 09:08 PM

Windows XP Pro

enaberif March 1, 2007 09:27 PM

XP Pro w/Sp1

I'll be switching over to linux as soon as I can get a few hard drives to backup my drives onto another as linux doesn't like NTFS.

Babrbarossa March 1, 2007 09:38 PM

Ahhhh...sp1, eh? shall we say yarrrrr?

Gav March 1, 2007 10:05 PM


Office Computer: XP Pro SP2
HTPC #2 (Currently Out of Commission): MCE
Crappy Laptop: XP Pro SP2

Near Future:

HTPC #2: Vista Ultimate

SHaCK March 1, 2007 10:18 PM

Main rig : Dual booting XP Pro SP2 / Vista ultimate (rarely use it)
Server : Windows XP Pro SP2

Next year ? Probably XP , unless anything major happens.

Deathspawner March 1, 2007 10:23 PM

Main Rig: Gentoo 2006.1
Bench Rig 1: XP Pro SP2 * 2, Vista * 5, Gentoo 2006.1
Bench Rig 2: XP Pro SP2, Vista, Gentoo 2006.1
Laptop: Gentoo 2006.1

Vista is still a waste of time as far as I am concerned... just no real reason to upgrade. I've had so many problems, I try to avoid using it entirely. In a year I am hoping it will be a LOT better.

enaberif March 1, 2007 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by Babrbarossa (Post 2645)
Ahhhh...sp1, eh? shall we say yarrrrr?

IMHO SP2 is crap. I don't like the security center, firewall or any of that crap.

sswilson March 2, 2007 04:07 AM

XP home X3

XP MCE on the new HP (Dual boot with Suse, but I still haven't had much chance to play with it yet)

XP pro on the laptop

I can't see upgrading to Vista any time soon. Not only does it not really offer me anything I'm looking for, I'm a bit leery of the stronger DRM it's not yet using, but which is coded and just waiting for content providers to enable.

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