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lanken123 October 17, 2009 03:49 PM

Failed Windows 7 Install
Alright, I tried installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my desktop, and it failed. This is what it tells me;

Setup is staring service

and then a error window

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows Installation cannot be proceed. TO install windows, click OK to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

now I never restarted the PC, it did that automatically. after I restart, it gives me the same error.

any ideas? it's a real copy fyi.

SKYMTL October 17, 2009 03:58 PM

Could be general system instability. Is your system overclocked? If so, set it to stock.

ipaine October 17, 2009 04:28 PM

Just to make things clear, are you updating to windows 7 or are you wanting to do a full clean install?

If this is a full install, then I do suggest setting it to stock as Sky mentioned. Also you should make sure you have nothing extra plugged into you machine, printers, external drives, etc.

I have installed Windows 7 on quite a few machines and so far they have all worked without issue, but non of them are overclocked when I installed.

zsamz_ October 17, 2009 04:57 PM

w7 64 requires it to be more stable than xp

JD October 17, 2009 08:50 PM

Are you using any form of Unattended file? I've had that error come up after the installation froze due to a badly formed unattended XML.

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