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Nodscene July 24, 2009 04:54 PM

NCIX Wish warning, please read!
Ok, so I may be screwing myself a bit here but I just wanted to warn everyone about a couple things.

1: Check to make sure everything is in your cart. My stuff keeps dissapearing for some reason so I took a screenshot and posted it with my wishlist. I would hate for someone to loose out because of something stupid like this.

2: Due to #1, I had to re-add everything. I noticed that prices have changed on quite a few items (mostly higher) so make sure you haven't gone over. Not sure if the cart keeps the original price you had it at.

Best of luck to everyone and if I managed to save someones ass I expect to be compensated properly :bleh:

Shadowmeph July 24, 2009 05:06 PM

Not sure about the first part but the second part about the prices , I don't think it matters if the prices change up or down after you do your list because from what I read and sort of still remember is that the prices of the items you pick are from the time when you made the list

Neolithium_Wpg July 24, 2009 05:13 PM

I'm not too worried about the prices on mine, I just ended up switching my list again :ph34r::blarg: At least the cost dropped on a thing or two since I threw my Revision 1 up :clap::bananafunky:

somecanadianguy July 24, 2009 05:17 PM

I didn't see anything in the rules about having the items in the NCIX shopping cart.


Nice of you to watch out for yer fellow HWC'ers though, Nodscene :canadianwave:

Arinoth July 24, 2009 05:19 PM

Neither did i, i think some people are a little paranoid because Gav refers to the wishlist as a shopping list

Neolithium_Wpg July 24, 2009 05:21 PM

Can't blame people for being paranoid and wanting to avoid disqualification for $2000 worth of free toys :)

somecanadianguy July 24, 2009 05:22 PM

I've checked my list, and the rules about a million times... just to be sure.
Think I'll go check again...

JD July 24, 2009 06:02 PM

No more posts trying to help people follow the rules. Spoiling your chances at winning :bleh:

It's rather interesting to see how much prices have flucuated though. For example, the Vertex 60GB is down a fair bit.

FiXT July 24, 2009 06:05 PM

Definitely appreciate the heads up Nodscene - today is in fact the last day to do it.

Don't worry about having the items in your shopping cart. The winner will be sent what they posted in their thread - the cart it is just a handy way of quickly and easily tallying your total. :biggrin:

Also, if the person drawn has more than $2000 on their list due to price fluctuations, they won't be denied. They will definitely be offered a chance to rectify it, or offered an alternative of some things that would bring it down to the required amount.

If someone has blatantly disregarded the rules of the contest and knowingly gone over the budget (Made a $3,000 wishlist, or used all surprise specials from the previous 2-3 sales) the entry may be deemed invalid however. However it is still handy to update your list to make sure you could get what you want if you win, rather than having to settle for an "equal value item"

Shadowmeph July 24, 2009 07:09 PM

I can't wait The winner ( MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME) will be sent what they posted in their thread I feel young again young like a Child on Xmas Eve. now hopefully when the draw is done I don't feel like the Child with a piece of coal in his Stocking

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