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ImmaPC July 7, 2009 11:21 PM

Dual Boot XP After Installing Win7?
So I was using Vista Ultimate x64 for the longest time and I hated it for all the reasons everyone else hates Vista (Seriously, if XP was re-released looking as nice as Vista and including DX10, MS would have been in way better position than they were a few months after the release of Vista).

Anyway, so I got really ticked off one day and backed up all my stuff and then installed Win7. I LOVE Windows 7. It ROCKS. Completely rapes Vista, XP, Mac OS's. Anyway, I prefer a non-stable beta version of an OS to a stable Vista OS, so being the complete moron I am I completely wiped HDD and now I am completely Win7. Which is great, but it's still unstable for playing some games, apps, etc. (hey, it's only a beta)

So now for all-out stability with certain games and apps, I don't want to go back to Vista x64, I want to go to XP x86. Unfortunately to dual-boot you gotta install XP first, THEN a newer version in order to get the boot-menu. Unfortunately I would be doing the opposite, I have Win7 installed and I have to install XP. I want to be able to use both OS's. Is there a way I can install XP and still use Win7?

Sorry if this is a TL;DR deal, I'm sick of San Andreas, Prototype, GTA IV, MS Word '03, and Mozilla Firefox crashing. :sad:

grinder July 7, 2009 11:45 PM

this is an excellent step by step guide for the Vista/XP scenario. I have followed it to the T and it works perfectly. I don't see how it wouldn't apply to a Win7/XP scenario.

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

hope this helps

ImmaPC July 8, 2009 07:36 PM

Wicked, just finished installing XP now, thanks man!

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